Tech Central TV reviews their favorite Speck cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 5c, and more

"Tech Central TV reviews their favorite Speck cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 5c, and more"

Tech Central TV reviewed a slew of our Speck cases; CandyShell for iPhone 5c, CandyShell for iPod 5, CandyShell Inked for iPhone 6, and GemShell for iPhone 5c. Check out the highlights below, and scroll down to watch the entire video.

CandyShell for iPhone 5c

“We have the lip design here, so it does protect your screen if you have your phone falling on the screen. It has nice side protection here, so if it falls on the side, that’s alright. We do have the controls to your buttons here, they are fairly stiff, which is good in my opinion, because you have more grip on your controls here.”

CandyShell for iPod 5

“I am liking this plastic design… Just like all the CandyShells we have a nice glossy finish, hard plastic, and that rubbery soft of material which gives it a two-layer protection so when you drop it, nothing is going to happen.”

CandyShell Inked for iPhone 6

“The other part of the case that I really like is the grip of the case. Your phone feels extremely protected when in this case, you have a nice soft kind of grip. What I like the most is on the sides when you have this rubber material that gives you really nice grip when you’re using the phone and it does protect slips and falls from your phone onto the ground, which overall protects your phone.”

GemShell for iPhone 5c

“Great plastic design, all-around, clear plastic design to show off your new iPhone. Really everything else is just the same as on an iPhone 5c CandyShell… We have good protected sides from the CandyShell, and the lip from the CandyShell… Big hats off to Speck for this one.”


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