StandyShell for Google Pixel Tablet

A young girl sits at a table writing in front of a pink Google Pixel Tablet in a StandyShell case by Speck with kickstand out and in view formation

With new tech continuously dropping, our engineers are always hard at work designing for the future. Because of our engineer’s solution-oriented designs, Google approached us and asked us to join the “Made for Google” program and asked us to create a case specifically for the Google Pixel Tablet Not only did this make us blush, but also gave us a chance to flex every creative and innovative muscle we have: Introducing StandyShell. This proprietary case doesn’t just protect your tablet but is your tablet’s new BFF. Meaning, that our designers created an “always-on” piece of equipment that can transfer from your Charging Speaker Dock to anywhere around the house with a quick-release kickstand for the greatest capabilities ensuring your Google Pixel Tablet is always safe and never nude.

Innovation Meets Creation

Always keeping solutions and ultimate convenience at the forefront of our minds, our designers immediately saw an opportunity to create a protective case that is everyday wear for the Google Pixel Tablet. We wanted to ensure that your tablet would be constantly protected no matter how you use it. Charging, in use around the house, watching “how-to” videos, video calling, however you need to use your Tablet StandyShell goes with it. Think of StandyShell as part of your Google Pixel Tablet. An exoskeleton with style (as if we wouldn’t have that drip though). But our favorite part of your new best tech friend? Has to be the tail.

A Kick-Ass Kickstand

Ever the crusaders of style plus ease, our designers created a quick release kickstand on the back of StandyShell, really giving the case its name. StandyShell stands on its own, with a built-in kickstand that releases at the touch of a button. Preserving optimal viewing angles from wherever you need to go around the house, you can plop StandyShell down on a counter, table, floor, desk, bed, coffee table, whatever your heart desires StandyShell can handle. No more getting fancy and propping up tablets with water bottles, canisters, books, and a whole lot of hope. This kickstand is here to make its mark on your heart leaving you unable to tablet any other way. But let’s be real, nothing is complete without some bling.

ShieldView Glass

StandyShell isn’t the only “Made for Google” product we’ve cooked up. We also created a ShieldView Glass so you can protect the base and face of your Google Pixel Tablet. Smooth as ice and just as cool, this aluminosilicate tempered glass screen protector is ultra-thin (0.33 mm), touch-sensitive, has a 9H scratch-resistant coating (that’s the highest just FYI), plus Microban antimicrobial product protection to keep bacteria out of your way. Basically, we have protection of your Google Pixel Tablet on lock, and you’ll never have to sacrifice style or convivence. This shining diamond is the perfect match for StandyShell ensuring your tablet is always covered from head to tail.

Stand Tall

With StandyShell on your side you can always be sure that your tech is working for you and not the other way around. You get convenience, style, luxury, and ease of use in products that Google themselves asked us to make, so you know they’re better than just good. They elevate your tech to a level that simply cannot be reached without Speck.



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