Speck Announces New Line of Cases and Accessories for iPhone 15 with ClickLock No-Slip Interlock Technology

Presidio cases with ClickLock no-slip interlock are lined up, a car vent mount hovers to the side, with an arrow pointing to the receptacle in the case the accessory bolt attaches to. Other cases have accessories already attached.

San Mateo, California, September 12, 2023 – Today Speck announced that 169 new cases in 17 different designs and 20 colors are now available for all four models of the Apple® iPhone® 15. Of these, 57 incorporate Speck's patent pending ClickLock no-slip interlock that all but eliminates accidental separation from three new ClickLock add-on MagSafe® accessories—the Car Vent Mount, Wallet, and StandyGrip—which were announced three weeks ago. All 169 cases are now available online and at major retail locations for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.


Speck is introducing three major variations of cases for iPhone 15: 'Standard' (non-MagSafe), 'Built for MagSafe' (without ClickLock), and 'ClickLock for MagSafe' with No-Slip Interlock across these models to total 17 different designs:

“Last year we started looking at ways to fundamentally improve the user experience of using an iPhone,” said Bryan Hynecek, Chief Design Officer of Speck Products, “After extensively using MagSafe magnetic mounts and accessories we knew there had to be a way to make the bond more robust.”


The ClickLock accessories create a highly secure magnetic and mechanical bond when used with ClickLock cases for iPhone 15 to prevent accidental separation. They also form an excellent magnetic-only bond when used with any iPhone or non-ClickLock case from iPhone 12 or newer. The three accessories are:

  • CAR VENT MOUNT for MagSafe with ClickLock ($39.95 MSRP): This low profile, ultra-secure auto dashboard vent clamp mount for iPhone features a 360 degree adjustable locking ball-joint, built-in charge cable routing, and ClickLock no-slip interlock that prevents the phone from dropping after hitting a pothole or speed bump.
  • WALLET for MagSafe with ClickLock ($29.95 MSRP): Speck's add-on Wallet securely holds one to three credit, debit, or ID cards, comes in 4 colors, and won't fall off when inserting or removing from even the skinniest jeans when used with a ClickLock iPhone case.
  • STANDYGRIP For MagSafe with ClickLock ($29.95 MSRP): This essential combo viewing stand & finger grip add-on for iPhone makes handheld or hands free video viewing a breeze no matter where you are, even for people with small hands and large phones.

Speck ClickLock cases and accessories can be found at Best Buy and Verizon stores, and online at,, and

About Speck:

Since 2001, Speck has been inventing award-winning products designed to help people discover the magic in their tech devices. Each Speck accessory is created to make the devices they’re designed for be more fun to use and useful to own. We’re located in Silicon Valley where big ideas are transformed into life-enhancing products and experiences every day. Our community and environment inspire us to “Respect Your Tech” in the products we design, and in everything we do.

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