Lend Us Your Ears

A pair of blue Gemtones wireless earbuds by Speck sits on a tablet next to a laptop and iphone with one earbud out of the case

Well, What Do We Have Here?

Something awesome this way comes, GEMTONES. We know, we know, what are Gemtones exactly? They’re our brand new True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Now, you may be asking, “well why Speck?” GREAT QUESTION! On our never-ending mission to create solutions to everyday problems we thought to ourselves we could really amp up the earbud game. See in our minds, there are three obvious issues with today’s landscape of earbud-ary:

  1. Earbud loss
  2. Not knowing what model is right for you
  3. Affordability

Our designers and engineers knew there had to be a better way, a smarter way, a Speck way. And the idea of Gemtones was born. Our first solution: preventing earbud loss before it happens.

No Longer At A Loss

We did some research on the irritations of earbuds, and one of the biggest complaints was earbud loss. In fact, we came across a New York Times article all about losing earbuds in the subway system and the issue it has become. So, how did our designers improve the user experience with Gemtones?

Our first innovation, locking case closure. The lip snaps close and requires a button push to open. Next, we thought to make the lid transparent. Users can look and see if an earbud is missing through the lid, especially easy because of the contrasting color on the inside of the case. We also added magnetic capture to keep earbuds from falling out of place and to maintain a strong charging connection. Plus, Gemtones comes with a free app that has a “find your earbuds” functionality. Basically, we’ve got earbud loss on lock. The next issue? An oversaturated market with buds coming out every which way and not knowing what model is best for your lifestyle.

The Players

Another solution we found ourselves coming to; specific models make sure everyone is happy and has earbuds that fit their individual vibe. One thing we implemented across the board? A dB limiter to keep all ears happy and hearing long into the future. Now, onto our models.

First up, we have Gemtones Play. This model comes in four distinct colors so everyone in the family can easily identify which pair is theirs, no more fighting about earbuds. Gemtones Play has a 28-hour music playtime with all recharges, comes with a USB-C charging cable, is an in-ear experience, and has four varied sizes of ear tips to ensure you always get the right fit.

Next up, we have Gemtones Sport. This model is made to move with you while you’re on the go with behind-the-ear loops that secure the earbuds on to your ear while also allowing you to still hear your surroundings. Boasting a super sweat and water resistance rating of IPX5 these buds aren’t afraid of getting a bit wet. Gemtones Sport has a 40-hour music playtime with all recharges, and these bad boys have wireless charging.

And last but never least, we have Gemtones Pro. The gold standard in earbuds is made to keep up with everything you do in a day. With Multi-Point Bluetooth you can easily switch from phone to computer and back again. Not to mention Gemtones Pro has Active Noise Cancelling with Transparency Mode to really lock in when you’re in flow zone. Super sweat and water-resistant IPX6 rating mean these guys don’t mind getting a bit wet. A total of 30-hour music playtime with all recharges and wireless charging make Gemtones Pro the champagne of earbuds.

Now on to the part no one really loves; price. How can anyone afford such luxury? Save for a special occasion? Wait until three birthdays in the future? Nah, we created solutions for that too.

Performance > Price

In today’s world, it’s not really a choice to have a quality pair of earbuds, it’s more of a necessity. Whether you’re on zoom calls, working out, blocking out traveling sound, more than ever earbuds are a lifeline we use to work, be active, and even zone out or relax. We wanted to ensure that Gemtones would be accessible to everyone in need of quality audio, and that’s why our solution to price point is simple: affordability.

It was essential to our designers that Gemtones quality never suffer over a price point. That we at Speck create high performing earbuds that don’t cost a mortgage payment. And we produced a kind of cool way to approach which Gemtones are right for you.

Gemtones Play is an earbud for everyday use. Easy to put in and forget they’re there. Throw in a bookbag, backpack, pocket, wherever you need them. And as our base everyday model, it sells for $49.95.

Gemtones Sport are for those who have a more rugged and active lifestyle. For the adventurers, the tree climbers, the constantly checking their ears crowd. Feel comfortable knowing Gemtones Sport will always be there for only $59.95.

Gemtones Pro is for the professional on the move. The user who always has earbuds in from zoom calls to phone calls. Switching back and forth from devices with ease always on Active Noise Cancelling making productivity skyrocket. Our most sophisticated model sells for $79.95.

Audio Believe It

So, here we are, announcing GEMTONES to the world. Finally, performance earbuds with all the features you want at a price that everyone can afford. With three different models to suit your specific needs and vibe to life, we’re always innovating fresh solutions to old problems so your tech can stay elevated.



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