CES 2024: Speck Products Expands into True Wireless Earbuds with All New GEMTONES

Gemtones Pro hovers to the left of Gemtones Sport, with the four color variations of Gemtones Play hovering to the right

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8, 2024 – At CES 2024, Speck is showcasing GEMTONES, its new line of true wireless earbuds made up of three models – Gemtones Play, Gemtones Sport and Gemtones Pro—that pack-in highly desirable features and a customizable iOS and Android app. Designed with consumers in mind, Gemtones are high quality, high performance earbuds that only sound expensive.

The Gemtones collection was designed and built to solve several challenges that audio consumers and retailers experience. The majority of earbuds use a magnetic catch to secure the charging cases, which can often lead to the earbuds falling out of the case when dropped. Gemtones charging cases have a mechanical catch that locks the case lid when closed, preventing any loss of earbuds.

Almost all popular earbuds sold today have opaque lids on the charging cases. This does not allow the user to see if an earbud is missing until it is potentially too late to retrieve it from where it was lost. Each Gemtones case has a transparent charging case lid to let users easily see if both earbuds are intact, or if one or more is missing. Gemtones charging cases also have a brightly contrasting color underneath the earbud itself. This acts like a missing earbud ‘indicator’ when viewed through the translucent lid.

Further, the free Gemtones app includes several unique features such as volume control levels and a lost earbud finder that helps users locate a missing earbud. In the app, users are also able to customize touch controls for the earbuds, allowing them to use different tap motions for play, pause, skip and volume.

Below are more details on each Gemtones design:

  • Gemtones Play ($49.99) - Built for everyday use and has a smaller earbud that also comes with four sizes of silicone ear tips for finding the perfect size. Gemtones Play comes in four different colors.
  • Gemtones Sport ($59.99) - Designed for people who prefer an on-ear—rather than in-ear—experience with the security provided by flexible behind-the-ear loops. These are perfect for all kinds of active or athletic pursuits because they keep the Gemtones in place while allowing the user to still hear their environment around them.
  • Gemtones Pro ($79.99) - For the professional with highly desired features such as, multi-point bluetooth, wireless charging, and IPX5 super sweat and water resistance technologies. These are ideal for those who spend many hours working using both a phone and computer.

Gemtones Play and Gemtones Sport are available now at, Gemtones Pro will be available in February 2024.

About Speck:

Since 2001, Speck has been inventing award-winning products designed to help people discover the magic in their tech devices. Each Speck accessory is created to make the devices they’re designed for be more fun to use and useful to own. We’re located in Silicon Valley where big ideas are transformed into life-enhancing products and experiences every day. Our community and environment inspire us to “Respect Your Tech” in the products we design, and in everything we do.

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