Social Compliance Program & California Transparency In Supply Chains Act - Disclosures

Speck is committed to an ethical manufacturing process that respects the rights of workers, whether they are located in the United States or abroad. The health, welfare and safety of the people who manufacture Speck products are critically important to us.


Through its Social Compliance Program (SCP) and its agreements with suppliers, Speck seeks to prevent all instances of child labor, forced labor and human trafficking and to ensure compliance with all local laws. Speck requires its suppliers to comply with all local laws which address issues such as slave labor, child labor, safety and work hours.


Speck conducts unannounced, on-site audits of suppliers by its internal social compliance team and also retains independent third parties to do so as well. Formal audit reports are received from our social compliance managers and auditors, and corrective action plans (CAPs) are created if violations should occur. Additionally, Speck suppliers are also at times separately audited by many of Speck’s large retail customers, who also supply a third party audit report. Speck has a Zero Tolerance policy for violations that include: 1) Prison labor; 2) Slavery and trafficking/forced labor; 3) Child labor; 4) Critical, life threatening health, safety and environment conditions; 5) Repetitive and systematic abuse; 6) Business registration; 7) Audit access denied; and 8) Factory bribes to auditor.


Speck expects its suppliers to treat their workers fairly, to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment and to protect environmental quality. Speck’s suppliers must certify that their facilities comply with the laws of the country in which they do business. Speck will not do business with any supplier that does not share its commitment to basic human rights.

Internal Accountability

Speck encourages open communication with its factory representatives and employees on environmental, health, safety and social issues and maintains accountability standards to address and correct instances of non-compliance.


Speck works to ensure that its supply chain reflects its values as a company. As part of their internal training, our Social Compliance Audit team members have taken classes which have allowed them to achieve certification in their field.