Beware of Counterfeits!

Get a spark, not a dud.

Speck cases have ingenuity, flair and spunk, all rolled up in some serious protection – so who wouldn’t want to swipe our style? We’ve done some sleuthing and discovered that copycat Speck cases are indeed being manufactured and sold online. We’re flattered that others recognize our great design, but what we put into our cases is not easily captured and copied. We build cleverness, enthusiasm and pride into every product we make – and we want to make sure you feel the spark.

We’re dedicated to giving you the best Speck has to offer, from delightful design features to spectacular support and service. Your authentic Speck products come with a one-year warranty – not so for the impostors. We have your back if your Speck case ever breaks and needs to be replaced. But if your fake fails? We can only offer our condolences.

We don’t only want to protect your gadgets from the dangers lurking in everyday life, we also want to protect you. To avoid shady situations, we suggest you buy your Speck stuff directly from our website (, or from an authorized reseller like Apple, Target, AT&T or Best Buy. View some of our retailers

Make sure your Speck case is the real deal by looking for the REALSPECK sticker on every package.

Then verify your Serial Number and 3-Digit code click the button below.

If you think you’ve spotted a fake, please let us know so we can help put a stop to their practices. E-mail us at

Thanks for being a savvy Speck shopper!

Report Fakes!

Fakes hurt our business and your warranty claim. Who wants that? Besides, you’re a loyal fan of Speck and you have been since the CandyShell was just a wee thought in our mind, right? So if you see a fake Speck out there, help us out by e-mailing us at