Meet Speck

Speck is more than a product company; we’re a community pursuing a future of possibility. Since 2001, Speck has been creating award-winning products ranging from phone cases to accessories to soft goods that integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle. Designed to go with you wherever the road leads, each product is deliberately created to make an impact—and take one. Whether you’re working, playing, or exploring, we’re meeting you at each juncture with thoughtful design and innovative technology that helps you squeeze the most out of every moment for a Life, Better Lived.

Life, Better Lived.

What does Life, Better Lived mean? To us, it’s all about improving quality of life by getting out there and living it to the fullest with great tech at your side. Our mantra is inspired by the people around us who know how to embrace every moment and take time for what matters most, like family, community, adventure, and self-discovery. We provide smart designs and quality products to ensure your devices are protected, so you can enjoy every aspect of life, whether you’re working from remote places, traveling with friends or creating incredible content. Live a better life with reliable technology that helps you do it all.


Originating in the heart of Silicon Valley, we exist to transform big ideas into great products. Though based in California, we are a global network of creators exploring novel ideas and innovative new designs while delivering products that best fit your lifestyle. Our community inspires us to craft masterfully-engineered items that will enhance any individual’s day-to-day life. We believe in demanding more from life, which is why we focus on the details so that you can focus on what matters most. We know your connections and life-line to the world are what’s most valuable, and technology is an essential part of that. Our promise is to never compromise on protection for your tech. Our commitment extends to all of our products which are intentionally designed to go the distance with you, no matter where you go. Our warranty program offers you that peace of mind, ensuring you are covered. *see our warranty page for more information.

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