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Saving face at the U.S. Marathon in San Francisco

Saving face at the U.S. Marathon in San Francisco
Another Speck case saves the day: Runner Shelly Grimaldi hit the streets of San Francisco this weekend to compete in the U.S. half-marathon, and came home with a great story - phone in tact - thanks to her CandyShell for iPhone 4/4s. See what Shelly had to say about her military-grade protective case:
“I ran the U.S. Half marathon today, and it was crazy fun! The halfway point was on the Golden Gate Bridge. Right after celebrating being half done, I ate it in the middle of the course. Like flat out fell on my face. I dropped my phone and at first I was panicked that my phone may have shattered, which would ruin my whole run if the music or the race tracker didn’t work. But my trusty Speck case saved the day and I finished my run with everything in tact, including my mood!"
Check out the event's official shirt, Shelly's completion medal, and the case that saved it all. shellyblog1