U.S. International Trade Commission Rules in Favor of Speck

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San Mateo, CA (July 7, 2014) – Speculative Product Design, LLC announced today that the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has made the determination to issue a General Exclusion Order banning the unlicensed importation of cases for portable electronic devices which infringe various claims of Speck United States Patent No. 8,204,561. The ITC’s determination follows an earlier finding of a widespread pattern of trade violations by manufacturers abroad, many of which frequently operate under fake names and from false addresses to make counterfeit CandyShell products that are protected by the Speck patent.

On June 20, 2014, the ITC determined to issue a General Exclusion Order after the completion of two ITC investigations into the unlawful importation into the United States of certain cases for portable electronic devices that infringe various claims of Speck United States Patent No. 8,204,561. The issuance of the General Exclusion Order will ban all imports of cases by any unlicensed party that infringe one or more of claims 4, 5, 9 and 11 of Speck United States Patent No. 8,204,561. The patent protects a core aspect of the Speck CandyShell design for smartphone cases, which combines soft and hard shell elements into a unique one-piece and form-fitting design. Speck will work with U.S. Customs & Border Protection on the full enforcement of the General Exclusion Order, which has been delivered by the ITC to the President and United States Trade Representative for Presidential review, as well as taking further steps to prevent infringement.

“Speck is continuing its fight against counterfeits and copycats, and this latest legal victory underscores our commitment to helping stem the tide of illegal and infringing product coming into the US,” said Speck CEO, Irene Baran. “We will vigorously enforce and defend our Intellectual Property rights and patents to protect our business as well as consumers.”

“The success of Speck with the CandyShell product inspired lookalikes and counterfeits,” Baran continued. “A General Exclusion Order to address numerous infringers seemed the most efficient way to protect our designs. Speck pioneered the slim protection category and continues to innovate with case designs that are protective with minimal bulk.”

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Speck is an award-winning leader of mighty slim protective cases for the world’s top smartphones, tablets, and laptops. From iPad cases and iPhone cases to Samsung Galaxy cases and everything in between, we design cases that are slim, good looking and most importantly, the most effective protection possible. Our roots are in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the intersection of design and technology, inspiring forward-thinking innovation to craft masterfully engineered and patented designs. It’s all in the details; we create our cases to enable you to go more places and enjoy more from your mobile devices. Get to know us at speckproducts.com or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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