Speck Unveils Line of MagSafe Compatible Cases and Accessories for all New Apple Devices

Speck Unveils Line of MagSafe Compatible Cases and Accessories for all New Apple Devices

San Mateo, CA (Sept 14, 2021) – Today, Speck unveiled its latest line of slim, durable and protective cases, now available for the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The collection includes Compatible with MagSafe® cases, designed with built-in magnets to work reliably with all MagSafe accessories. MagSafe compatibility and usability are core to the design of this collection, which includes a complete redesign of Presidio2® Grip to best utilize the features on the all-new device. The new collection for iPhone 13 features unmatched protection with integrated Microban® antimicrobial technology and protection from drops of 13 feet.

The all-new Presidio2 Grip is a fresh take on Speck's most iconic design, aimed specifically at helping users get the most out of their new device. For iPhone 13 users who want to take full advantage of all the MagSafe capabilities, Presidio2 Grip has a 20% slimmer profile and a no-slip inverted grip design to ensure an ultra-responsive experience for MagSafe connectivity. The case's outer edge features the familiar raised grips Speck fans know and love for its secure hold.

"When designing for new devices, Speck always aims to honor each device's features while maintaining the highest level of product protection," said Bryan Hynecek, EVP, Product & Design at Speck Products. "When redesigning Presidio2 Grip, we were meticulous about preserving its hallmarks while also fully embracing the innovative features of iPhone 13."

Continuing the commitment to complete 360-degree device protection, Speck has released ShieldView Glass screen protectors for the entire iPhone 13 line with a Goof Proof™ installation tray for easy application. Every case in this new collection and the ShieldView Glass screen protectors have built-in antimicrobial treatment from Microban, and deliver a 99% reduction in stain and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the screen protector and the case.

For iPad mini (2021), Speck announced Balance Folio, a slim tablet case that protects against drops up to 4 feet and holds the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation). The cover converts into a viewing stand, it has Microban antimicrobial product protection, a magnetic camera shield and a secure latch closure. Speck also has cases available now for the 10.2 inch iPad (2019-2021).

All of the Compatible with MagSafe cases listed below include built-in magnets that reliably work with all Apple MagSafe accessories. The full Speck line for new devices includes:

  • Presidio2 Grip & Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe ($44.95–$54.95) – All-new, no-slip grips with Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology along the perimeter for airbag-like protection.
  • Presidio2 Pro & Presidio2 Pro Compatible with MagSafe ($44.95–$54.95) – A super-protective and pocket-friendly case with a soft-touch finish for a better look, enhanced feel and added scratch resistance.
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear & Presidio Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe ($39.95–$49.95) – The most clear protective case Speck has ever designed. Innovative new materials allow the case to stay clear longer and provide more protection and durability. Also available in an all-new silver glitter finish.
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear with Grips & Presidio Perfect-Clear with Grips Compatible with MagSafe ($44.95–$54.95) – No-slip grips provide ultimate durability, and a clear coating resists discoloration over time.
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear with Impact Geometry & Presidio Perfect-Clear with Impact Geometry Compatible with MagSafe ($44.95–$54.95) – Built with visible impact geometry to protect against drops up to 13 feet – at any angle.
  • Presidio Perfect-Mist & Presidio Perfect-Mist Compatible with MagSafe ($44.95–$54.95) – New, luxurious soft-touch matte finish with a semi-transparent back available in multiple colors for a more enhanced look and added scratch resistance.
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre & Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre Compatible with MagSafe ($44.95–$54.95) – A slim and fashionable clear case with bold, fade-resistant ombré designs made from new materials that keep your case looking perfectly clear for longer.
  • Presidio Edition ($44.95) – Features bold and stylish art prints that are embedded onto the case to resist fading and scratching. This case is not available with MagSafe compatibility.
  • Balance Folio for iPad mini (2021) and iPad (2019-2021) ($39.95–$44.95) – A slim and stylish tablet case with 4-foot drop protection, a durable exterior protects against scratches and dents, while an interior liner protects your screen against scuffs and abrasions.
  • Presidio Pro Folio for iPad (2019-2021) ($59.95) – Durable case for iPad that's perfect for travel. The protective cover converts into a convenient typing and viewing stand and includes a magnetic camera shield that covers your lens as well as easily retracts when you need to snap a photo.
  • Case-E & Case-E Run for iPad (2019-2021) ($39.95) – Playful iPad case with adjustable arms provides hours of hands-free entertainment. Protected against drops up to 6 feet, made from BPA-free EVA and has Microban antimicrobial protection.

Speck cases for the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are available now starting at $39.95 at SpeckProducts.com and select retailers.

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