Speck Launches RealSpeck.com to Protect Holiday Shoppers from Counterfeits

Close-up of Real Speck sticker on Speck packaging

New Anti-Counterfeit Efforts Help Ensure Consumers Get Authentic Speck Smartphone Protection

Mountain View, CA (December 12, 2013) – Speck, leading designer of award-winning, slim-fitting protective cases and covers for smartphones, tablets and laptops, today announced RealSpeck.com, a new program to prevent consumers from leaving their smartphones vulnerable by unknowingly buying and using counterfeit cases.

The cornerstone of the RealSpeck.com program is the incorporation of a new holographic labeling system that contains multiple layers of covert and overt security technology and is being implemented across all of Speck’s packaging. Each package has a sticker with a unique serial number that buyers can use to instantly authenticate their cases at RealSpeck.com.

“Counterfeit product issues rise sharply during the holiday season when people are shopping for a bargain on legitimate products,” said Speck CEO, Irene Baran. “With RealSpeck.com we are arming customers with an easy way to steer clear of illegal products that are made from inferior materials, don’t protect expensive devices, and don’t come with a real warranty.”

Speck continues to investigate and pursue counterfeiters and resellers of counterfeit product. Speck recently conducted several raids and seizures in the U.S. and China and has filed 41 lawsuits over the last 3 years against importers and resellers of counterfeit product. Speck also works closely with U.S. Customs & Border Patrol to provide training and assist in identifying counterfeit Speck products, including utilizing RealSpeck.com to verify authenticity. Speck is also a member of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, and the World Customs Organization made up of 54 member countries.

For more information about anti-counterfeiting and how to spot a counterfeit Speck case, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiX5Biu2Q0o

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