Speck Announces All-New Accessory GrabTab

Line of phones on a table with GrabTabs on the back in stand mode

Speck Launches GrabTab, an Innovative and Functional Grip Assist Accessory

San Mateo, CA (October 18, 2018) Today, Speck is announcing GrabTab, a super-slim grip assist accessory designed to offer a secure hold on devices of any size without impeding any functions of the phone. GrabTab’s comfortable holding loop is dual function and doubles as a convenient phone stand for on-the-go entertainment. This accessory is the first of its kind from Speck, a company known for their slim and protective phone cases.

Traditional grip assist accessories add additional bulk onto a device, making it difficult to pull the phone in and out of a pocket or other small spaces. Additionally, these products often disrupt Qi wireless charging capabilities, which impedes the use of a popular and important device feature. GrabTab solves both of these problems: it’s credit card-sized and measures only 3 mm thick to maintain the sleek body of today’s modern devices and is fully compatible with wireless charging.

GrabTab is easy to install and use. The accessory adheres firmly to the back of the phone case, and the flexible strip manually slides up, locking into place to create a finger-sized loop that’s comfortable and easy to grip. When engaged, GrabTab provides a comfortable and secure hold while on-the-go, taking selfies, texting and more. The loop also functions as a stand that props the device on its side, which is useful for watching videos, reading the news or video chatting with friends.

The design of GrabTab is universal and intended to work with most smartphone cases and devices. GrabTab is available now for $9.95 on speckproducts.com, and at Speck's UK, France, Germany and European sites.

About Speck

Speck creates award-winning cases designed to make an impact—and take one. Since 2001, we’ve been making distinctive products for the world’s top smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, and backpacks. We deliver a balance of artful design and military–grade protection, for a difference you can see and feel. Our roots are in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the intersection of design and technology, inspiring us to craft masterfully engineered products. We believe that excellence is in the details, which is why we create cases that enable you to go more places and enjoy more from your mobile devices. Get to know us at speckproducts.com or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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