Work From Home Tips with Speck

Work From Home Tips with Speck

Working from home best practices to maintain a productive environment.

Get your work essentials now with our Work From Anywhere (WFA) Collection. Featuring our go-to cases for work, study, and play, use your iPad or tablet as a second screen with Presidio® Pro Folio or Balance Folio®, protect your MacBook with SmartShell, and keep your AirPods case protected with antimicrobial product protection from Microban.

When the new normal includes working and studying from home, getting into new rhythms can be hard. How do you stay productive when there are so many distractions like laundry, kids running around, cleaning, and other household tasks screaming for your attention? Everyone is different, but there are tried and true practices people have implemented this year especially that have helped maintain a productive work environment. Here are our tips plus the cases you need to make it all happen with ease.

Set up your workspace: You can get into the productivity mindset with the proper set up. With our WFA collection, get durable and versatile cases for all your tech, whether you’re using your tablet, phone, or laptop to get the job done. When it comes to being more productive, use your iPad or tablet as a second screen with the help of our folio cases. Between Presidio® Pro Folio and Balance Folio®, finding the right style and color to fit into your space is easy. (Scroll down to check out the full WFA collection.)

Find your best angles: Set up a designated workspace will help you set boundaries, keep good posture, and have screens at eye level. A desk, kitchen table, or kitchen island is more favorable than a couch or bed, and then find ways to prop up your devices so you’re not straining your neck. Using one of our folio cases, you can use your tablet as a second screen, and you can get creative on how to keep it elevated (a stack of books works!). Have a good chair, natural light (if possible), and keep water nearby.

Have a routine: Having rhythms and consistency might include showering, wearing clean clothes, grabbing a coffee, and setting specific work hours can help you get into the mindset that it’s time to get things done. Most people find getting to work right away in the morning is also helpful to get a head start and get into a good momentum.

Take frequent and regulated breaks: Be intentional about taking 15, 30 minute and 1 hour breaks depending on how many hours you plan on working per day. Separate yourself from your desk during those times and go for a walk, eat lunch somewhere else, read a book, or get some exercise/movement in. Taking breaks helps us reset and come back refreshed with energy to complete the tasks ahead.

Leave your house: If you’re working from home right now, you’ll know there have been days where you haven’t felt sunshine or breathed fresh air. Get out for a walk with your AirPods and your favorite podcast, set up your iPad with your folio case at a park table, and reconnect with nature and the world around you. Tote your Speck-protected laptop with you to a nearby cafe or browse a local shop, or even just take a drive with the windows down to give your eyes a break from that screen.

Have virtual gatherings or work virtually with a friend: Working from home can get lonely, so if you’re isolating or don’t live with someone else, having moments to connect with people goes a long way to stay inspired and encouraged. Host a virtual hang outs with friends and work together while the video is on. You can also send notes and messages to let others know you’re still connected and thinking about them.

Speck WFA Collection

Get the perfect set up no matter where you are with our Work From Anywhere (WFA) collection, featuring the best cases for a life that demands more. Cover your tech essentials with products that allow for more productive work, study, and life moments. Our WFA Collection includes cases for your tablet, MacBook and AirPods in a variety of options and styles you’ll love.

For your tablet, explore the versatility and style of our Balance Folio® cases. For a professional look and added durability, look at Presidio® Pro Folio. When you need another screen anywhere or need a convenient place for your Apple Pencil, our cases provide more convenience and protection.

For your MacBook, get slim protection with SmartShell (available for MacBook Pro 13”) so you can work from wherever you need to without worrying about scuffs and bumps. From the kitchen table to quick edits in the passenger seat, don’t leave your MacBook unprotected.

And don’t forget your AirPods! We have a variety of cases that support your AirPods and AirPods Pro. Get flawless clarity and protection with Presidio® Perfect-Clear, and experience satisfying play and 360º protection with our New Presidio® Clickflip. We know your AirPods help keep you connected to the world, so stay tuned in with cases that have a convenient carabiner, stands out in the crowd, and provides more durability on the go. We’re confident you’ll find the right fit for your set-up, which is why we’re offering a 30-day WFA trial. Love it or your full money back.



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