Tune-up Your Case: Totally 90s Edition

Tune-up Your Case: Totally 90s Edition

Just because it’s not the 1990s anymore doesn’t mean you can’t party like it’s 1999! And summer just doesn’t feel like summer without music that makes good times greater, and tv shows and movies for when you need to escape the summer heat.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tv shows, songs, and movies from the decade of boy bands and grunge, and matched them to some of our favorite cases.

Have a minute (or two hours) this weekend? Tune-out to some totally awesome 1990s entertainment.


You’ll never be clueless with PRESIDIO GRIP + GLITTER by your side. With up to 13-foot drop protection, raised rubber grippy ridges for a no-slip grip, and embedded glitter crystals that never fade you’ll be ready for anything that the rest of the summer has in store. Always be confident knowing your phone looks great and stays protected, because like the Backstreet Boys say, you want it that way.

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: Dawson’s Creek

Must-listen song: I Want It That Way, Backstreet Boys

Must-watch movie: Clueless


Don’t ever find yourself standing there dazed and confused after a phone fumble. That’s why PRESIDIO GRIP is the perfect combination of slim design and rugged protection. With up to 13-foot drop protection, raised ridges for a no-slip grip when texting or taking selfies, and a raised bezel, you’ll be ready anything the 90s or the now has in store. More grip equals less slip.

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: The X-Files

Must-listen song: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana

Must-watch movie: Dazed And Confused


Always stay confident knowing that PRESIDIO SPORT has enough drop protection to help you during any workout or active lifestyle activity. Whether you’re taking part in an underground Fight Club or your latest activity which is meant to make you sweat, you’ll always be sure you’re protected. With up to 15-foot drop protection, Microban antimicrobial treatment, and full button and port protection, SPORT is better than festivus!

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: Seinfield

Must-listen song: Gonna Make You Sweat, C+C Music Factory

Must-watch movie: Fight Club


There certainly aren’t 10 Things We Hate About PRESIDIO CLEAR + GLITTER. There are none, really. This stylish and slim case offers up to 13-foot drop protection and embedded glitter crystals that’ll never flake off or fade away, so you can show all your friends how you and your phone shine. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really-really want...It’s PRESIDIO CLEAR + GLITTER.

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: Friends

Must-listen song: Wannabe, Spice Girls

Must-watch movie: 10 Things I Hate About You


Life is certainly like a box of chocolates, but PRESIDIO STAY CLEAR isn’t. You know what you’re going to get. With up to 13-foot drop protection, a stay clear treatment that resists yellowing and discoloration, and a raised bezel, you’ll be certain that your phone will look great and stay protected. So, no matter if you’re from Bel Air or Philly, STAY CLEAR is guaranteed to stay clear.

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Must-listen song: Bitter Sweet Symphony, The Verve

Must-watch movie: Forrest Gump


Whether you’re out all night making sure your city is free from vampires or watching your favorite scary movie, the 13-foot drop protection, raised bezel, and vivid bold neon patterns from PRESIDIO CLEAR NEON will have you confident that you and your phone are protected. No matter the decade, there’s one thing to remember, neon is in. Like Ace Of Base said, “open up your eyes” cause PRESIDIO CLEAR NEON is the sign.

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Must-listen song: The Sign, Ace Of Base

Must-watch movie: Scream


If you’re liking the look and style of PRESIDIO PRO, then you’re fitting right in to the 90s. No matter if you’re trying to save humanity from machines or trying to fit in with human society, the soft touch finish and the up to 13-foot drop protection will keep you confident that “you’ll have it made.”

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: 3rd Rock From The Sun

Must-Listen song: No Rain, Blind Melon

Must-watch movie: The Matrix


PRESIDIO WALLET is the perfect minimalist wallet and phone case. It will keep your phone protected with up to 13-foot drop protection and give you the ability to securely hold up to 3 cards. How do you like them apples? We like them too. So, if you’re doing a little home improvement and need a convenient phone case that’s built like a union construction worker, PRESIDIO WALLET is the case for you.

You should check out...

Binge-worthy TV show: Home Improvement

Must-listen song: Under The Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Must-watch movie: Good Will Hunting

Enjoy the Totally Rad 1990s Entertainment!

We had a ton of fun putting this blog together. We know we left some absolute magic off this list, but if you have any favorites from the 1990s that you think we should know of, we’d love to hear about them. Give us a shout on our social channels, we look forward to hearing your picks.



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