Tune-up Your Case: Summer of Love Edition

Tune-up Your Case: Summer of Love Edition

Just because it’s not the 1960s anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be the summer of love. And summer just doesn’t feel like summer without music that makes good times great, and tv shows and movies for when you need to escape the summer heat.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tv shows, songs, and movies from the decade of flower power and peace-and-love, and matched them to some of our favorite cases.

Have a minute (or two hours) this weekend? Tune-out to some hip, 1960s entertainment.


If you’re liking the PRESIDIO CLEAR NEON series, you’re obviously into groovy vibes and bold color choices, much like the style of the 1960s. No matter the decade, there’s one thing to remember, neon is in. Like Sonny & Cher said, “there ain’t no hill or mountain you can’t climb” with PRESIDIO CLEAR NEON.

Binge-worthy TV show: The Brady Bunch

Must-listen song: I Got You Babe, Sonny & Cher

Must-watch movie: West Side Story


Finding yourself drawn to the hip style of PRESIDIO GRIP? If so, you definitely have a bit of a wild side to you. Don’t hide it, show it with these bold and versatile color choices that not only add a splash of color, but provide an improved grip no matter the occasion. So, whether you’re taking the motorcycle out for a ride, or getting lost in space, PRESIDIO GRIP is here for you.

Binge-worthy TV show: Lost In Space

Must-listen song: Born To Be Wild, Steppenwolf

Must-watch movie: Easy Rider


Feeling the groovy style of PRESIDIO CLEAR + GLITTER? Of course, you are! You’re the perfect mix of flower child and earthly goddess, just like each one of the music and entertainment choices. Whether you’re California Dreamin or doing brunch with your friend Tiffany, feel confident knowing your phone looks great and stays protected, no matter where your day takes you.

Binge-worthy TV show: I Dream Of Jeannie

Must-listen song: California Dreamin, The Mamas & The Papas

Must-watch movie: Breakfast At Tiffanys


Are you actively drawn to the hip style of PRESIDIO SPORT? If so, you’re obviously into living the fast-paced lifestyle like Bruce Wayne. Always stay confident knowing that PRESIDIO SPORT has enough drop protection to help you save Gotham, or explore the abyss with The Beatles.

Binge-worthy TV show: Batman

Must-listen song: Riders On The Storm, The Doors

Must-watch movie: Yellow Submarine


The 60s were at time of transparency and clarity for most, and that’s why PRESIDIO STAY CLEAR is the perfect case for so many. Only let Good Vibrations in with the clear protection from PRESIDIO STAY CLEAR, and know you’re protected from damage and drops just in case you enter any Twilight Zone situations.

Binge-worthy TV show: The Twilight Zone

Must-listen song: Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys

Must-watch movie: Dr. Strangelove


If you’re digging the look and style of PRESIDIO PRO, then you’re fitting right in to the 60s. The soft touch finish gives a righteous grip and the 10-foot drop protection won’t have you bummed out over a broken phone. So, no matter if you’re stuck on a stranded island or out getting your pool hustle on, you can focus on having a gas.

Binge-worthy TV show: Gilligan’s Island

Must-Listen song: Fortunate Son, CCR

Must-watch movie: The Hustler


Who’s afraid of those accidental drop moments? Not you with PRESIDIO GRIP + GLITTER. Don’t let big and bulky cases be your ball and chain. Let your sparkle shine through day or night with PRESIDIO GRIP + GLITTER. Just in case you ever get bewitched, you’ll be confident knowing your phone looks great and stays protected, no matter what life throws at you, or it.

Binge-worthy TV show: Bewitched

Must-listen song: Janis Joplin, Ball And Chain

Must-watch movie: Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?


If you’re liking PRESIDIO WALLET, you may be a mature and well put together graduate. Or maybe, you’re just getting smart in your older age. No matter the reason, you can be confident that PRESIDIO WALLET will keep your phone protected and give you the ability to securely hold up to 3 cards.

Binge-worthy TV show: Get Smart

Must-listen song: Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

Must-watch movie: The Graduate

Enjoy the Groovy 1960s Entertainment!

We had a ton of fun putting this blog together. We know we left some absolute magic off this list, but if you have any favorites from the 1960s that you think we should know of, we’d love to hear about them. Give us a shout on our social channels, we look forward to hearing your picks.



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