Tough for Rough Moments: Our Innovative New Presidio®2

Tough for Rough Moments: Our Innovative New Presidio®2

At Speck, we’re always improving on great products. You’re looking for better, more improved cases and we’re delivering them with advanced technology that goes further, sticks with you, and enhances performance for a life better lived.

Presidio®: A Vote of Confidence

Presidio®. You know it, you love it. Our original protective range is designed to be tough for rough moments. In a variety of designs and motifs, perfect-clear coating or no slip grips, this is the range that goes with you. But we knew we could make it better. You’re not satisfied with the status quo, and neither are we. Meet Presidio®2.

Presidio®2: An Upgrade on Protection

Presidio®2 steps up your protection with more extreme protection cushioning provided with Presidio®2 Armor Cloud technology. Presidio®2 Armor Cloud lines the case perimeter with air capsules, cushioning your phone and suspending your phone on a cushion of air, like an airbag. You can bet it will keep your device safe and sound against drops up to 13 feet with Presidio®2 GRIP and Presidio®2 PRO models, plus there’s an added 3 feet of protection for a total of 16-foot drop protection with our hardy Presidio®2 Armor Cloud case for a life with more grit. We tested it in the real world to ensure that this added component of protection not only keeps your device safe, but your case is more resilient, too. Sacrifice style for durability? Never.

Every one of our cases fits your phone like a glove, but nothing compares to the ultra-precise fit of Presidio®2. Sticky buttons? Not here. Tailor-made for your specific device, we’ve added enhanced ultra-responsive buttons for clicks and volume control that are smoother and silkier than butter.

Simply put, our new Presidio®2 range offers a more advanced design and superior durability than our original Presidio® line. Still as slim, pocket-friendly as ever, with features you love that fit your lifestyle. And of course, built-in antimicrobial product protection from Microban® to keep 99% of bacteria growth at bay. Will both protect your phone with technology you can count on? Absolutely. But for life that’s a little rough around the edges, and for protection that goes the extra distance, we believe that Presidio®2 Armor Cloud technology sets apart the Presidio®2 range in a way that is unparalleled. Plus, those smooth clicks and ultra-responsive buttons means you don’t have to choose between durability and comfort or optimal functionality. Can life be this seamless? We think so. Presidio®2: the name you can rely on, but better.

We’re proud to extend our Presidio®2 line of cases to provide the protection your phone needs with the style you crave:

Presidio®2 Pro

A beautiful soft-touch case that’s scratch resistant with Presidio®2 Armor Cloud technology for 13-foot drop protection. And of course, Microban® antimicrobial protection keeps 99% of bacteria at bay.

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Presidio®2 Grip

This protective, iconic case 13-foot drop protection through our Presidio®2 Armor Cloud technology plus newly innovated no-slip grip that lasts longer and provides even more security. Microban® is built-in to deliver antimicrobial product protection.

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Presidio®2 Armor Cloud

Our most protective dual-layer cause featuring new Presidio®2 Armor Cloud technology protects against drops up to 16 feet. Features scratch resistance and, as always, Microban® antimicrobial protection.

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