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It's time to change your password

It's time to change your password
Over 1.2 billion passwords have been hacked by a group located in south-central Russia, according to Yahoo news. The Russian hacking ring coined CyberVor has pilfered more than 420k websites and 500 million emails for personal information that could affect access to online shopping sites, bank accounts, and other personal information worldwide, says TechCrunch. You know that Speck has always been by your side to protect your devices from daily - and dangerous - drops, but we know that you need protection from cyber attacks like today's, too. So read up on these easy tips to ward off hackers:
  1. Switch your passwords. It's the simplest solution, but also the most stubbornly pushed against. In the event of a worldwide hack like CyberVor, it's imperative to change your secure passwords. Immediately.
  2. Don't leave your passwords in plain sight. That "note" that's holding all of your personal logins? Delete it. Download a password tracker like LastPass to keep all of your passwords safe and sound.
  3. Double up security. Many sites allow or require two-step authentication before signing in. See how you can add an extra layer of protection on your most visited websites by adding this important feature.