The Apple of Our Eye: The Apple Vision Pro

The Apple of Our Eye: The Apple Vision Pro

Augmented Reality (AR) has come a long way since its inception, predominantly associated with video gaming experiences. However, with the introduction of Apple Vision Pro, Apple is taking spatial computing to an entirely new level, unlocking a world of endless possibilities. Instead of having the world around you disappear as with virtual reality, Apple’s new Vision Pro lets you see your world completely while everything digital sits over your eyes as an overlay. You get to interact with apps and digital media using hand controls to manipulate whatever you want. This groundbreaking technology not only elevates AR experiences but also changes where, when, what, how, and why we work—completely decimating the AR landscape.

Work From Who Knows Where?

Apple is renowned for its elegant and sleek designs, and the Vision Pro is no exception. The headset is lightweight, ergonomic, and provides a comfortable fit, ensuring users can enjoy extended use without discomfort. The ample battery life also allows for users to take the Vision Pro anywhere and everywhere. No longer tethered to chargers and multiple screens, you can multitask with a simple turn and pin. Soccer game and emails? Absolutely. To-do list and Netflix? Why not? Just flip through your apps with a glance of your eyes. The possibilities are endless. Work while you commute. Send emails while you stay in the ski lodge cabin sipping tea. The world is your office.

The Eyes Have It

With integrated eye-tracking technology, the Vision Pro takes AR experiences to a whole new level. Users are enabled to interact naturally within augmented environments, as your eye movements are accurately captured and incorporated into the AR simulation. This feature enhances realism and immersion in your augmented worlds. Apple's Optic ID technology tailors the AR experience to each user's unique visual requirements. It analyzes individual optical characteristics and adjusts the display, accordingly, resulting in a more personalized and visually comfortable experience. This technology has the potential to make AR accessible to a broader range of users, while delivering exceptional visual quality. It incorporates advanced display technology, ensuring crisp images, vibrant colors, and high contrast ratios. This attention to detail provides a visually stunning AR experience while allowing you to see the real world around you completely crystal clear.

Our Two Bugaboos

While Apple Vision Pro brings numerous advantages to the table, it is crucial to acknowledge areas where there is room for improvement. The price tag is a smidge overwhelming for those of us who aren’t say from “Waystar Royco” stock and don’t have a cool $3500 laying around. Although that price point could obviously change as the Vision Pro won’t be released for a year, it is a bit disheartening to have landscape changing technology available only to a certain demographic. Facetime could also use some tweaks. The headset isn’t exactly optimized to use for video calls because of the need to wear the device to use it. Clearly these are two minor points in a vastly massive tech leap into the future, but just some topics mull over before dropping your card on the table.

The Future is Bright

Apple Vision Pro represents a significant leap forward in the field of spatial computing and AR technology. With its exceptional design, extended battery life, eye tracking capabilities, and Optic ID personalization, Apple is reshaping the possibilities of augmented reality experiences. By focusing on visual excellence, Apple is pushing the boundaries of what AR can deliver. While there are a few areas that could benefit from improvement, the potential of Apple Vision Pro transforming the AR world is quite simply undeniable.

Our Future Is Too

At Speck, we’ve already been noodling around with ideas and have concepts ready and eager to share with you. Get ready to see our exclusive and innovative designs our engineers have been working on, always ahead of the curve. We take respecting your tech and opinions so seriously we invite you to take a closer look here.



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