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That's right, this Speck case saved an iPad from a campfire

That's right, this Speck case saved an iPad from a campfire
Things got a little heated when adventurists Paul and Quinn dropped their iPad clad in a FitFolio into a campfire... See what Paul had to say about the surviving device:
"Thank you for making a fantastic product! We've owned this case for a couple of years but now we'll have to replace it. We're Javelina hunting in Arizona this weekend and my son dropped his iPad in the camp fire. It was in there for almost 1 minute before an adult was able to fish it out. The case was heroic, sacrificing itself while perfectly protecting its contents. The iPad had barely a blemish and still works perfectly. You never really appreciate what something does until it's abilities are pushed to the limit! Thank you again! We'll be purchasing another Speck case soon!"
Check out Quinn with his new FitFolio for iPad- ready to save the day, just in case there is a next time! PaulCunningham1