Superphen reviews two of Speck’s best-selling iPhone 6s Plus cases

"Superphen reviews two of Speck’s best-selling iPhone 6s Plus cases"

Superphen reviewed Speck’s CandyShell Grip iPhone 6s Plus case and our 2x protective MightyShell iPhone 6s Plus case, and had a few things to say about its superb quality, premium materials, and military-grade protection.

All in all, Speck offers really high quality iPhone cases that make me use their product since my first iPhone 4 in my life. With offer of such quality, the Speck iPhone cases are certainly a great value for money along with great user experience. Worth mentioning, for every order, customers can enjoy free shipping and returns on U.S. orders, lifetime warranty, and 30-day unconditional guarantee, which are definitely a great bonus for using Speck’s products.

See even more photos on the Superphen blog, and check back here for your favorite iPhone case reviews.


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