Speck: The Face Behind The Case - Presidio GLITTER

Speck: The Face Behind The Case - Presidio GLITTER

At Speck, every tech product we create has a story. That’s because there’s a team of engineers, industrial designers, and creatives that take every product from ideation to reality. However, we don’t look at our products as just cases, they’re the end result of long hours, galloons of coffee, and countless tests, because we’re obsessed with protecting your tech.

Much like a method actor lives the role, our industrial designers bring phone case pain-points to the surface in hopes of perfecting the look and functionality of our products.

Here’s the stories around our team of industrial designers, and why they give their blood, sweat, and tears to create the products that are designed for impact.


Question #1:

Can you describe the process around developing the Presidio GLITTER line?

Answer: So, we decided to take our strong suit which was understanding how the manufacturing works to make a really protective case, and we combined that with our understanding of the pain-points with the material, with glitter.

Where often the glitter in many cases would rub off and not be durable at all, we found a way to put it beneath the surface of the case, so that the glitter lasts longer and you get to have protection and style in one.

Question #2:

How do you design something for someone you’ve never met?

Answer: Usually we try to put ourselves in their shoes. For me, often when I’m watching people on the commute, on the train, I’ll try to imagine what problems they’re dealing with or the adjustment they’ve made to their products to suite their life better. More often than not, we use our own cases and competitor products to understand the users out there.

Question #3:

Why did you choose industrial design as a career? Why Speck?

Answer: I chose industrial design because I sort of had this fusion of really wanting to be an artist growing up and also my mom being an engineer and being exposed to all sorts of mechanical and technical things, and always being taught to make things for myself. And as soon as I knew what industrial design was, I knew that’s where I wanted to be.

And being an industrial designer at speck is a really special thing because our products touch so many people. Having the opportunity to design a product that can really make an impact is an amazing experience.

Interested In Learning More? Watch The Video Above.

Stay tuned for the next designer story where we’ll introduce you to more of the minds behind your favorite cases.

It’s our goal to bridge the gap between people and our tech devices and we’re doing it one case at a time.

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