Speck Supports: BayKids Studios

Speck Supports: BayKids Studios

Philanthropy is without a doubt one of the most important and aspirational aspects of any business. Without something to stand for, without a true mission, it all seems a bit trivial.

When Speck was given the chance to partner with BayKids Studios for our Spring Backpack and GrabTab Giveaway, we knew this was a perfect match to bring into our growing support system of Speck Supports.

BayKids Studios is an incredible nonprofit in San Francisco that’s on a mission is to empower children and their families facing serious health challenges with art therapy. They partner with hospitals like UCSF Benioff, Shriners, and UC Davis Children’s Hospital, as well as medical residential facilities like Ronald McDonald House to provide art therapy to children in the form of creating short films.

Bay Kids has now produced over 200 films and partnered with wonderful companies including LucasFilm, Dolby, Apple, Pixar, and now Speck to help them succeed in that mission. We chose to partner with BayKids because our visions perfectly align, we’re both trying to accomplish the same goal. To positively affect the lives of children and make an impact on the world around us for future generations.

BayKids Studios Transforms Lives
SAN MATEO, CA - March 8 - Tessa Camilla attends BayKids in Motion 2019 on March 8th 2019 at Peninsula Golf & Country Club in San Mateo, CA (Photo - Andrew Caulfield for Drew Altizer Photography)

Children with serious medical conditions face overwhelming challenges. From scary and painful medical treatments, to isolation from friends and family, to the emotional toll of an uncertain future.

Filmmaking opens up a way to leave behind their issues and just be kids again.

BayKids enables these children to transform into directors, writers, animators, and actors. Instead of patients with little control over their situation, they become confident filmmakers who can create anything their imaginations dream up.

SAN MATEO, CA - March 8 - Lauren Katman, Carolyn Lorber, Mia Martin, Nahall Fells, Laura Hanson, Jenna Goldie, Lauren Evans, Charlotte Soja, Maria Gullo and Alicia Rodriguez attend BayKids in Motion 2019 on March 8th 2019 at Peninsula Golf & Country Club in San Mateo, CA (Photo - Arthur Kobin for Drew Altizer Photography)

BayKids recently held its annual fundraiser, Women in Motion, a two-day event aimed to raise awareness and funds to help the mission of BayKids continue on year after year. The sheer amount of creativity and love that went into every aspect of this fun-filled event was astounding. It surely brought tears to many eyes in the audience and raised a total of $130,000 which will be used to create dozens of films over the next 12 months.

These children, and their families are living proof that passion and creativity are essential parts of the human experience. They’re going through trials and tribulations that most of us can’t fathom, and their tenacity to create their own story allows them to forget and just live.

What Kind Of Programs Does BayKids Studios Offer?

BayKids offers a myriad of art therapy programs and opportunities for seriously ill children to take part in. They're currently partners with hospitals like UCSF Benioff, Shriners, and UC Davis Children’s Hospital, and their partnerships throughout the Bay Area continue to grow.

In-Hospital Filmmaking

BayKids’ clinically trained professional filmmakers bring cutting-edge digital filmmaking equipment into the hospital to help kids make movies. Here, they’ll develop story ideas, write scripts, create props and sets, learn animation, act, and direct films.

They honor and nurture every child’s unique vision and enable them to play, be creative, and become a movie producer. Some kids are curious to explore their illness, others want to escape and create a fictional story, while some desire to create in order to help other kids going through illnesses. They truly cater to any child in any situation looking to bring their vision to life.

Outpatient Filmmaking

BayKids Studios’ Outpatient Filmmaking Program brings the In-Hospital program into the homes of children with serious illnesses who do not need to be in the hospital.

From the comfort of their own home, BayKids’ professional filmmakers work with children one-on-one to help them develop and film their movie. The trained team of filmmaking experts work with children over several sessions to help them bring their creative visions and life stories to fruition.

Mentoring From Filmmaking Experts

One of the most fascinating aspects about BayKids Studios is how they continue to support and inspire these kids even after they have left the hospital. They hold onsite mentorship programs at incredible locations like LucasFilm, Dolby, and Apple, that give kids the opportunity to meet and learn from film and tech industry experts.

There are also yearly events that include exclusive tours and workshops where kids learn about different aspects of filmmaking and technology and get a behind-the-scenes look at how films are made. In addition to being creatively inspiring, their mentoring program serves the important role of building a nurturing community for kids who have had, and may still be going through, serious illnesses.

Interested In Helping More Kids Be Kids Again?

With your support, we can bring the power of filmmaking to more children in need. See how you can help bring art therapy through filmmaking to more children today.

Donate to BayKids Studios Today!



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