Speck Innovations: Designed for Life

Speck Innovations: Designed for Life

Make an impact—and take one—with products designed with innovation at every step. Innovation is at the forefront of everything we create, because we believe great design and technology is essential for every product that needs to go with you. As you evolve and move, you need technology that fits your ever-changing lifestyle, and we aim to create it. Whether it’s a MagSafe® compatible case, flawless anti-yellowing clear materials, or antimicrobial product protection, we’re constantly developing new technology to ensure your products do more and integrate into every moment more seamlessly. Learn more below about how we innovate and design for your life.

Our New Compatible with MagSafe® Cases

The world changes at a rapid pace, and technology is no exception. As new products and devices alter our routines and what we consider essential, we are working behind the scenes to design accessories and tech that meets you where you’re at. When Apple launched MagSafe® wireless charging and accessories, we knew that you needed cases that would be stylish, durable and effective, working alongside this new technology.

Making wireless charging a snap, our Compatible with MagSafe® cases are designed with precise built-in magnets that work flawlessly with all of your MagSafe® accessories. These cases have all of the same features you know and love, from superior drop protection to Microban® antimicrobial technology, so you can take the latest tech with you without compromising on style or protection.

Superior Drop Protection with Presidio®2 Armor Cloud Technology

The road gets bumpy, and we make sure your device is protected no matter what comes your way. We innovated a new drop protection technology with your life in mind: Presidio®2 Armor Cloud™ Technology.

Designed with air capsules that line the perimeter of the case, these phone-loving air pockets compress and suspend your phone on a cushion of air. We like to think of it as an air bag for your device. The most innovative and protective technology we’ve ever designed, Presidio®2 Armor Cloud™ Technology is found in all of our Presidio®2 cases because we know that your technology does a lot, and you need a case that does, too. Explore cases with more strength and durability for every moment life brings.

Experience Flawless Clarity with Perfect-Clear

Working on materials and technology that allow your clear case to stay that way was essential to us, which is why we developed Perfect-Clear. This clear material and finish keeps your case clear longer, resisting yellowing and discoloration caused by UV rays, oils, dirt and other factors. We call it Perfect-Clear for a reason: it’s the perfect solution for a clear case, keeping yours flawless. Show off the beauty of your device with a clear case that stays clear. We’re so committed to this technology that if it doesn’t stay clear, we’ll replace it for free.

Innovative No-Slip Grip for Phone Cases

Our Presidio®2 Grip cases now feature our newly innovated no-slip grip for better hold and handfeel. Now 20% slimmer, our newly inverted no-slip grip is designed intentionally to feel more comfortable as you hold your case and prevent slippage when your device is on a smooth surface. The grip on our improved cases flows inward instead of out, which provides incredible durability, lasting grip and a strong hold. Plus, with a slimmer design, you can rely on a better connection to all of your accessories. No matter where you go, you can have confidence knowing your case has great grip that goes the distance.

Category-Defining Innovation with Foldable Cases

Innovating new technology and designs that offer more versatility is a key part to helping you find a case that works for you. When we design phone cases, we consider every element of life and every kind of routine in order to create something that will go with you. In the last few years, Samsung has relaunched the iconic flip design with their Z Fold and Z Flip phones. Protecting these unique new devices, we developed a foldable phone case.

Presidio® Perfect-Clear Fold is not only the perfect fit, but offers flawless clarity from Perfect-Clear. Moving seamlessly with your phone, it adds more security and protection while ensuring your phone opens and closes easily with an extra secure fit for life on the go.

Life Gets Dirty, We Keep Your Case Cleaner with Microban®

When we design a Speck case, we carefully consider every component, from design to built-in antimicrobial technology to bring you a product that protects your device from every angle and every situation. Protecting your tech is our utmost priority, which is why we partnered with Microban®, a global leader in antimicrobial technology, to integrate antimicrobial product protection into our Presidio® cases. Working at a cellular level to reduce bacteria growth by 99% on the surface of your case, this technology provides 360º protection for your device and case. Life gets dirty, we keep your case cleaner.

Innovation Helps You Live Better

Whether you’re working, playing or exploring, our products seamlessly integrate into your life to enhance your experience and protect what matters most. We never stop innovating so you never have to stop moving into every moment with ease.



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