Deck your device with top-rated cases, fa la la la la, la la la la.

Here are gifts that hit all the bases. For you and your friends, and everyone in between.

We love that Speck Products can be part of your gift-giving traditions. When it comes to protecting what’s most important, we’ll handle the devices, and you take care of the rest. Whether you’re celebrating with family this year or staying home, it’s a season of finding joy in every moment. After a long year of ups and downs, remind the people in your life that you appreciate them with gifts that are practical and promising. When they bring that case or bag with them through 2021, they’ll always know they’re supported and loved.

The Tech Enthusiast

Ground control to major Tech Enthusiast, we’ve got something designed with you in mind. The techy people in your life always have their ear to the ground, tuned in and connected to the latest and greatest in the tech world. They need the best, fastest, most efficient products to keep up with their lives, so get them gifts that meet their demands. If you’re shopping for a techy person, stick to the newest products they might not already have in sleek, cool gadgets that can impress the person who has seen it all, and colors that keep them inspired.

The On-Trend Fashionista

For the style-obsessed fashion-lover who has no problem effortlessly influencing the masses, get gifts that speak to their aesthetic and show them you’re paying attention to the most current styles. From IG Live to the latest exclusive events, these fashionistas never go anywhere without the devices that help them capture everything from the newest bubble tea spot to the latest look for the gram. If you’re shopping for this person, you’ll know they need both the best protection available for their phone and something that captures their vibe.

The Hustling Professional

You know them: even with this year’s restrictions, nothing slowed them down. Always looking ahead to the next best thing, business opportunity, or money-making idea, these are the professionals who have big goals and big dreams, and nothing can stop them (even a pandemic). Whether they’re working diligently at home, or back to that everyday hustle and bustle at the office, we know they’ll love gifts that provide versatility, help them be efficient, and look sleek no matter what Q1 of 2021 looks like.

The Wandering Traveler

Always on the go, the traveler is constantly planning that next getaway or adventure, even if it’s just to the mountains or to the closest city. If you know a vagabond, you’ll know this year was hard for them, because there’s nothing more uncomfortable than staying in one place! They made the most of it though, from road trips to bike rides around the city and anything else they can manage. If you’re shopping for someone with the travel-bug, give gifts that go with them.


Make your list, check it twice, give gifts that protect their most important device. When you give the gift of protection and care for their tech essentials, you give gifts that go the distance. Practical, versatile, and stand the test of time, Speck offers a wide selection of products that your co-workers, friends and loved ones will carry with them for years to come. Give a gift that keeps on giving.



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