Speck: Face Behind The Case - Presidio V-GRIP

Speck: Face Behind The Case - Presidio V-GRIP

At Speck, every product we create has a story. That’s because there’s a team of engineers, industrial designers, and creatives that take every product from ideation to reality. However, we don’t look at our products as just cases, they’re the end result of long hours, gallons of coffee, and countless tests, because we’re obsessed with protecting your tech.

Much like a method actor lives the role, our industrial designers bring phone case pain-points to the surface in hopes of perfecting the look and functionality of our products.

Here’s the stories around our team of industrial designers, and why they give their blood, sweat, and tears to create the products that are designed for impact.

Question #1:

Can you describe your process behind designing Presidio® V-GRIP?

Basically, Verizon wanted an exclusive case for them, and they told us these are the top two Speck products that we have. Which is STAY CLEAR and our famous Presidio GRIP case. We’re constantly looking at how we’re interacting with our phones and I noticed the most common touch points were the sides, and so I felt like this was giving the same functionality as our grip case without getting rid of the full function.

Question #2:

How do you successfully design something for people you’ve never met?

Immersing yourself into the experience. That’s the beauty of design, whatever you do you kind of become the consumer as well. So, I think putting yourself into the person's perspective. Using the products, experiencing it, researching it, just full on immersing yourself into it, I think that’s going to help you empathize more in what you’re designing.

Question #3:

What’s more important to you as a designer, the look or function of what you’re creating?

I think for me I would say it’s function, because I think function follows really heavily on the user experience, and I think that’s part of the design where you kind of feel like it’s becoming whole, because when the functionality feels right, that’s when you feel like everything else just comes with it, which is the form.

Question #4:

How do you get creatively unstuck?

Everyone goes through creative blocks all the time. So, for me the way I see creativity, it’s a part of a muscle in the body, and you have to constantly be exercising it, but if your only exercising that one muscle you’re going to burn out. Anytime I feel like I need to do something, if I get stuck, I find a new creative outlet because I think that’s going to help inspire you, even if it’s not creative, as long as you’re exercising those different muscles will help.

Question #5:

As an industrial designer, what’s the most important question you ask yourself before starting any project?

I guess the most important question is why, why are we doing this? And then from there, what's important is to use the product that we’re going to be designing for. So, I say that all of us are consumers ourselves, and for us, we have to immerse ourselves into what we’re designing, and then from there we start building up more questions.

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Stay tuned for the next designer story where we’ll introduce you to more of the minds behind your favorite cases.

It’s our goal to bridge the gap between people and our tech devices and we’re doing it one case at a time.



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