Speck: Face Behind The Case - Presidio® FOLIO

Speck: Face Behind The Case - Presidio® FOLIO

At Speck, every product we create has a story. That’s because there’s a team of engineers, industrial designers, and creatives that take every product from ideation to reality. However, we don’t look at our products as just cases, they’re the end result of long hours, gallons of coffee, and countless tests, because we’re obsessed with protecting your tech.

Much like a method actor lives the role, our industrial designers bring phone case pain-points to the surface in hopes of perfecting the look and functionality of our products.

Here’s the stories around our team of industrial designers, and why they give their blood, sweat, and tears to create the products that are designed for impact.

Meet the face behind the case: Presidio Folio. Explore Ben's Story.

Question #1:

Can you describe your process behind developing the Presidio® FOLIO line?

So, typically when we do research on the users, especially with the FOLIO we’ll travel to Europe, we’ll travel to certain parts of Asia and basically study the culture there. We’ll study people who use folio cases, people who don’t use folio cases. We’ll pull from their culture and design language and basically internalize all that and try to reexpress it in a new fashion.

Question #2:

What’s more important, the look or functionality of the product you’re creating?

For Presidio FOLIO at least the functionality and the look were super important especially for the core of our business, branching out into a global market we wanted to ensure we were carrying our brand language with the drop protection claims as well as keeping in mind the look and feel of the product. A big part of our process is basically designing the entire thing and then developing it.

Question #3:

Why did you choose industrial design as a career?

I realized when I was in school that I could do graphic design and I thought making things was way cooler and I didn’t know anything about that. Experiencing the full process of drawing something, conceptualizing it, building models, and then fully prototyping it, experiencing it, living with it, and wanting to always improve it led me to becoming an industrial designer, and that’s why Speck products are so beautiful

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