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Review roundup for the new Samsung Galaxy S5

Review roundup for the new Samsung Galaxy S5
Edge of your seat while waiting for the latest Samsung smartphone to release? The worldwide availability of the new Galaxy S5 is only two days away, and the web is buzzing with excitement. Check out what earlier reviewers have to say about the device:
  • Extreme Tech calls this the “best phone money can buy” with all of the new features that Samsung has added as a step up from its Galaxy S4. The site even did a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 that breaks down the specs between each smartphone.
  • Applause for Galaxy S5 can be heard from the reviewers at CNET, who say the smartphone “excels at everything that matters.”
  • And finally, the device was coined “America’s best-performing smartphone” by PC Magazine, who rated it Excellent at 4.5 stars. Among other factors, the phone won hearts at part of PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice for having “the best screen we’ve seen on a handheld yet.”
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