Protecting the Galaxy: How Speck designed its newest cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S21

Protecting the Galaxy: How Speck designed its newest cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S21

With each new device, Speck designers have the opportunity to bring a new line of cases to life.

Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop, watch or backpack, every detail matters; every line is sleek; and every design is functional yet bold. Our cases must always provide the best-in-class protection Speck is known for and enhance the device’s distinctive features.

So, when it came to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 - a smartphone that promises to be epic in every way - the device needed truly epic cases.

Speck is part of the SMAPP program, and we work with Samsung to design cases specifically for their upcoming devices. We actually start designing about six months ahead of the device launch date,” said Speck designer, Alan Ng.

In those months before launch, Speck’s design team learned the Galaxy S21’s most powerful elements. In particular, designers like Alan paid attention to device’s the super-high-resolution camera, the high-resolution screen and fast wireless charging 2.0.

“Just understanding the Galaxy S21 was a crucial step in the design process. We need to learn what would make the phone - or any device really - stand out before we can brainstorm how to best utilize Speck’s design language while upholding the integrity of the device’s engineering,” added Alan.

Outstanding Engineering For Powerful Features

Samsung’s smartphones are best known for their powerful cameras. The S21 is no exception. It flaunts one of the most robust mobile camera designs engineered to date.

To best protect the device’s five cameras, Speck refined the bezel and the camera connection area. It was important to ensure that the case not only fit seamlessly but also would not disrupt the quality of photos or videos.

“Since Samsung has a legendary heritage in camera design, we design all of our Samsung cases to honor that, and for the Galaxy S21, we worked hard to finesse the bezel-camera connection to avoid interfering with any of the photography features.”

But the case bezel also needed to be designed with the screen in mind, too. The screen on the Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s most intelligent yet, with a 6.2-inch Quad HD+ experience.

Because smartphone screens keep getting bigger, Speck designers continue to experiment with the slope of the case bezel to find the perfect angle. This meticulous measurement ensures the case can withstand impact, providing enough protection during unavoidable drops. The bezel’s perfect angle also allows users to maintain a comfortable grip with undisturbed access to the screen.

The wireless charging feature on the Galaxy S21 has been described by users as “performing magic.” The 15W max charging speed provides one of the quickest wireless charges on the market, making it crucial for Speck’s cases to be compatible with this feature.

To enable the proper transfer of energy, the back of Speck’s cases had to be slimmed down by several millimeters, without compromising on protection. Designers put the Galaxy S21 collection through extensive testing to ensure the cases withstand 13 foot drop protection.

Designer’s Choice for Galaxy S21

“Samsung invests a lot into the phone’s materials with glass backs and eye-catching colors. This inspires us to provide the best of our Presidio Perfect Clear line.”

For Galaxy S21, Speck has the Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre and Presidio Perfect Mist to complement the range of device colors. Speck’s Presidio-Perfect Clear line prevents discoloration over time because of Speck's proprietary anti-yellowing technology. Experience more durability with 13-foot drop protection. Check out the complete line of cases for the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G at

“It’s always an honor to work alongside Samsung’s team, partner with them to design for their outstanding features,” concluded Alan.



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