Perfect-Clear: An Innovative New Approach to Clear Protection

Perfect-Clear: An Innovative New Approach to Clear Protection

Perfect-Clear is our ultimate case that offers crystal clear protection to show off the beauty of your device. Building on everything great you know and love about Stay Clear, these cases keep your device protected without compromising on clarity. At Speck, we’re always moving forward with leading-edge technology and more innovative designs, adding better products to choose from to fit your life. We couldn’t rest at a case that just stays clear, we wanted it to be perfectly clear for every moment.

Everything you loved about Stay Clear continues on with the Perfect-Clear range. In the spirit of innovation, we wanted to see if we could take a clear case a step further. Enter Perfect-Clear, our most clear case yet.

Perfect-Clear: The Clear Choice to Show Off Your Device

Our newest Perfect-Clear range puts perfect clarity into your hands, protecting your device with new, innovative materials that remain clear longer. This case actually resists yellowing and discoloration over longer periods of time, through thick and thin, no matter what life throws your way. Sunlight, dirt, grime, we’ve got you covered (your case, that is). With Perfect-Clear, you can still protect your device with designs that fit your lifestyle.

Still offering ultimate protection against drops up to 13-feet but with supreme clarity that goes the distance, our new Perfect-Clear range is our top choice for a flawless finish and a more beautiful life. Live better and more beautifully with more clarity. Is Perfect-Clear the choice for your device? Seems pretty crystal clear to us.

Our Perfect-Clear range has something for everyone. Every case is protected against 13 foot drops, has new anti-yellowing materials that resist discoloration, and is slim, stylish and light. Whether you’re looking for more grip, a smoother finish, or some glitter and shine, we’ve got a Perfect-Clear case that suits you:

Presidio Perfect-Clear: The most clear protective case we’ve ever designed. New materials keep your case looking perfectly clear for longer, resisting discoloration and yellowing from UV rays.

Presidio Perfect-Clear with Grips: Our most clear protective case with a clear twist: clear no-slip grips that give you the confidence you want.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Glitter with Grips: Our most clear protective case with a twist and some shimmer. Clear no-slip grips give you confidence, and our shimmering glitter crystals bring that sparkle you love that won’t fade or wear off.

Presidio Perfect-Clear + Ombre: A slim and fashionable clear case with bold, fade-resistant ombre designs made from new materials that keep your case looking perfectly clear for longer.

Presidio Perfect-Clear with Impact Geometry: Our most clear protective and durable case is designed with impact geometry to protect against drops at any angle.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Glitter + Impact Geometry: Our more clear protective and durable case that can take a serious impact. Impact geometry protects against drops at any angle, plus our fade-resistant shimmering glitter crystals make a sparkling statement.

Shop the NEW Presidio Perfect-Clear line of cases, now available for iPhone.



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