NEW iPAD RELEASE ALERT: The radically fast new iPad

NEW iPAD RELEASE ALERT: The radically fast new iPad

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPad, Apple has just revealed their brand new models that are faster and more sophisticated than ever. Redesigned and re-engineered, these versatile devices are powerful and easier to use, empowering us to do more and stay connected.

What do you need to know about the new iPads? Let’s break it down.

What are the new iPads going to be like?

Apple has released a new range of iPads unlike any we’ve seen before. Running with a fresh beta of iOS 14, faster processing, and more versatility, Apple has proven once again that the sky’s the limit when it comes to innovation.

The new iPad (8th Generation) will come in the original 10.2” size, and is a thin, light and affordable option with better retina display and the brilliant A12 Bionic Processor. If you’re looking to step up to a more powerful iPad, the new iPad Air meets you there: with the radical new A14 Bionic Chip, front and back camera, and even touch ID mounted in the power button, this is the fastest and most powerful iPad yet. Depend on faster graphics and user performance, with a 10.9” liquid retina display allowing you to enjoy your iPad more than ever.

What’s the biggest upgrade on the new iPad?

So far, the addition of the A12 Bionic Processor on the iPad (8th Generation) and the A14 Bionic Processor on the iPad Air are the most impressive. Boasting faster, more vivid and intuitive processing, it will sync up perfectly with all the newest features, apps and updates.

What options are there for the new iPad?

The new iPad is available in two main new models: the iPad (8th Generation) and the iPad Air.

Will you make the switch?

Let’s take a look at the main selling points:

Top 5 features of the new iPad (8th Generation):

  1. A12 Bionic Processor: The chip that makes the iPhone 11 lightning fast is now in the new iPad. Providing 40% faster CPU and 2x jump in graphics, expect faster processing and intuitive performance.
  2. Upgraded display screen: This thin and light retina display screen reveals more vivid graphics and text than ever before, allowing for ease of use when using your Pencil with all the new apps, like Scribbe.
  3. iOS 14: More intuitive and productive, this new operating system will provide new apps and logistics, and be able to track your performance and work with your Apple Watch and other devices.
  4. Better camera: A beautiful new camera on the back will provide better photos and video.
  5. Advanced compatibility with Apple Pencil: Smooth and silky, the Apple Pencil works better than ever with new apps and features like Scribble

Top 5 features of the new iPad Air:

  1. A14 Bionic Processor: The most advanced technology available, the A14 Bionic is something to write home about: greater performance at a lower power; 40% increase in CPU performance, plus 30% increase in graphics. Offering computing power that can handle everything from gaming, illustrating, and creating content, this radically fast processor sets the iPad Air apart from every other tablet.
  2. Touch ID: To make space for this gorgeous screen, the new iPad air forgoes the home button and has a Touch ID integrated into the top power button, using the same crisp technology that makes this a safe, private and effective feature.
  3. Sleek new design: Completely redesigned with an edge-to-edge display screen, the iPad Air looks and feels like the most advanced tablet on the market (because it is). Bigger than ever, this 10.9” iPad is meticulously crafted with details that make this not just powerful, but beautiful too.
  4. iOS 14: More advanced and intuitive, this operating system features all new apps like Scribble, Fitness+ and Apple One, making using your iPad easier, faster, and more versatile for every point of reference.
  5. Dual cameras: Now with a 7mp HD camera on the front and 12mp camera on the back, you can use your tablet for more. Whether you’re taking photos or videos, you can rely on the features you need to create professional looking content.

How much are the new iPads?

iPad 10.2” (8th Generation): Starts at $329 USD

iPad Air 10.9”: Starts at $599 USD

When and where can you buy the new iPad?

We caught a glimpse of the new iPad on September 15th, and will be available for purchase at Apple stores across the country, and at most stores that carry tech essentials in the electronics department next month. You can also get yours through your mobile providers.


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