New for iPhone 15

New for iPhone 15

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It’s official, iPhone 15 has been announced and while we’re all busy still scooping up our jaws off the floor with all the new innovations that Apple is throwing at the world, our designers were primed and ready with creative new solutions made for iPhone 15. At Speck, we pride ourselves on forward-thinking creations that stand the test of time. Which is why we couldn’t just release new cases but had to release:

  • Cases
  • Accessories
  • And an entirely new MagSafe enhancing technology called ClickLock

First big news to tackle? All the upgrades coming to Speck iPhone cases for the iPhone 15 lineup. Let’s get into what your iPhone 15 will be wearing.

Fire New Fits

Naturally, our new cases for iPhone 15 come in our standard classics like clear and black that are always the biggest of crowd-pleasers, but this year we’ve added a bit of a pastel and nature vibe with a mix of dreamy and natural colors that go with any mood. Metallic and chrome accents add the right amount of flair, and we’re having a moment for all things glitter.

Sleek and chic are targets we never miss but now we’re extremely proud to add Earth conscious as well. All cases being made for iPhone 15 are made from 50% recycled plastics not only lessening our footprint but also keeping our pledge to the planet.

But honestly, our favorite upgrade? Has to be the new design. We know, we know, there’s a hole in the back of your case. We promise, it’s not how we’re helping to save the planet. It’s actually a receptacle for our new ClickLock no-slip Interlock technology that enhances MagSafe. Each receptacle is carefully placed to ensure that when paired with a ClickLock accessory, the bolt attaches successfully. Speaking of new accessories, we have something to show you.

Car Vent Mount, Wallet, and StandyGrip OH MY!

Car Vent Mount

Our first new solution-designed accessory is our Car Vent Mount for MagSafe. This solution-focused car vent mount doesn’t just connect magnetically but also mechanically when the bolt on the car vent mount attaches to receptacle of a ClickLock case. This interlock prevents slippage when going over rough terrain, speed bumps, potholes, or whatever the road throws at you. Use your phone handsfree to keep your eyes on the road but directions in your ear so you never have to worry about getting lost again. And because we like things neat, we added a cable organizer so everything can be in its rightful place.


Our second solution-designed accessory is Wallet for MagSafe. Perfect for a night out, a day at the beach, or any time you don’t want to be weighed down by more than your essentials. Securely carry one to three cards/IDs with you and your iPhone 15. This way you never have to worry if you’ve left something behind. Wallet for MagSafe also has new ClickLock no-slip Interlock technology so when it’s placed on a ClickLock case the bolt on the wallet will attach to the receptacle on the case creating not only a magnetic but also a mechanical lock.


And last, but certainly not least, the third solution-designed accessory we have is StandyGrip. Is it a stand? Is it a grip? YES! Get the absolute best viewing angle for your new iPhone 15—portrait or landscape—plus always keep a secure grip on your phone so you never drop it on your face again. Win-win. And of course, we’ve added ClickLock no-slip Interlock technology to StandyGrip as well so when that bolt interlocks into the ClickLock case receptacle it creates a lock that’s free from slippage.

So, what is ClickLock no-slip Interlock technology exactly? We’re glad you asked.

It’s All About The Click

What is ClickLock exactly? Does it replace MagSafe? And how do you use it? Great questions! ClickLock no-slip Interlock technology is a MagSafe enhancer. It doesn’t replace MagSafe at all, it just makes it better with some clutch modifications. With Speck’s ClickLock accessories, a mechanical bolt is built-in that is engaged when a ClickLock case is brought nearby. This magnetically pulls the bolt into a receptacle on the ClickLock phone case, providing a satisfying “click” noise indicating your phone and accessory are locked together and free from accidental slippage. The coolest thing about ClickLock though? You don’t NEED a ClickLock case to use ClickLock accessories. The Wallet, StandyGrip and Car Vent Mount will work magnetically with any iPhone 12 or newer, just not with the mechanical interlock. Speck designers are always thinking of multiple solutions to a myriad of use cases.

Get Stuck On Us

With new colors, designs, design centers, and an entirely new technological ecosystem ready to meet iPhone 15 on street day, elevate your tech with cases and accessories that deserve to stand up to, and next to, the innovation of the year.



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