Meet Speck’s Innovative MagSafe® Cases

Meet Speck’s Innovative MagSafe<sup>®</sup>  Cases

The world changes at a rapid pace, and technology is no exception. As new products and devices alter our routines and what we consider essential, we’ve been working to ensure you can take important tech with you more seamlessly, including your Apple MagSafe® iPhone and accessories.

What is MagSafe®?

This magnetic technology is built into the internal design of all iPhone 12 models and new iPhones launching this year. Efficient and effective, the MagSafe® design and technology allows you to charge your phone with more precision, as well as use daily accessories more seamlessly. Having the latest iPhone and MagSafe® accessories will allow you to get more out of your device and every new feature packed into the latest iPhone. Charging your device at lightning fast speeds (up to 15W), MagSafe® is the best option when it comes to wireless chargers, though you can still use Qi (charges up to 7.5W). With more optimized accessories and chargers, you can save time and make wireless charging a snap.

Why Choose a Speck Compatible with MagSafe® Case?

When Apple launched MagSafe® wireless charging and accessories, we knew you needed a case that would be a stylish and durable solution, protecting your iPhone while enhancing your wireless charging experience. Working alongside add-ons like your wallet, car mount, and fitness mount, you never have to sacrifice usability and convenience for the style of case you want. Making wireless charging and attachment a snap, our Compatible with MagSafe® cases are designed with precise built-in magnets that work flawlessly with everything you need for life on the go. Whether you have a MagSafe® charger or a Qi, you can take the latest tech with you without compromising on style and protection.

Take Wireless Charging to the Next Level

Our Compatible with MagSafe® cases have precise built-in magnets that are tried and true, connecting seamlessly to your MagSafe® accessories. Taking wireless charging to the next level, these magnets are not only optimized for a better performance and seamless connection, but are proven to last and be more reliable. When you need to make that connection happen in multiple ways throughout the day, these cases meet the demands of your busy life.

Meet Our Compatible with MagSafe® Cases

Designed with the same superior drop protection to protect your device, we’ve ensured nothing interferes with the built-in magnets even when you drop or bump your phone. And as always, Microban® antimicrobial product protection reduces bacteria growth on the surface of the case by 99%. Even with our optimized magnets, we’ve ensured every part of the design integrates into your routine and gives you the protection and confidence you need.

Explore our Compatible with MagSafe® cases, designed to help you stay connected and make wireless charging a snap.



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