Keeping Your Phone Cleaner: Speck + Microban

Keeping Your Phone Cleaner: Speck + Microban

Life gets dirty. We keep your case cleaner.

When we design a Speck case, we carefully consider every component. From the engineering, to the industrial design, colors, materials, and finishes. Every aspect, every test, every decision, is a meticulous process to bring you a product that protects your device.

We are obsessed with protecting your tech.

Our phones go with us everywhere. To the gym, through airport security, to all the places we live, work, and play. They even follow us into the bathroom! In fact, 74.5% of us take our phones into the bathroom with us. And even though 90% of us wash our hands, 16.5% of us clean our phones. Hey, that’s life. With Speck, we know life gets dirty, and our phones are right there in the mess of it. That’s why Speck partnered with Microban in 2017. Microban is the global leader in antimicrobial technology with a broad portfolio of over 25 approved antimicrobial technologies. With revolutionary technology like this, we integrated Microban into almost the entire line of Presidio cases* so you don’t have to sacrifice style for antimicrobial protection With Microban, you can rest easy knowing this technology provides lifetime product protection from stain and odor causing bacteria, and works at a cellular level to keep your case cleaner.

Why Microban? Because protection is everything to us.

Microban antimicrobial technology gives a 99% reduction in bacteria to protect the case creating a cleaner surface. Microban isn't a treatment like other products on the market. Unlike a cleaning spray that has to be reapplied, Microban is built-in so it never stops working to prevent the growth of bacteria on the case. Even if you want to double up on your cleaning routine, go ahead. With it integrated into our cases, you won’t have to worry about it washing or wearing away.

Taking protection to a cellular level.

Microban is proven to keep your speck case cleaner, even in between cleanings. It works at a cellular level to protect your phone case stain and odor causing bacteria from degrading your case. Built-in means nothing to worry about. So you can just pick up and go, knowing that your case is protected from 99% of stain and odor causing bacteria.

Antimicrobial Product Protection. Guaranteed

Our lifetime guarantee isn't only for durability, it's also to ensure you have lifetime antimicrobial product protection. Anytime you buy a Presidio* case, your case is covered with built-in Microban® to protect your phone case form 99% of bacteria That’s the promise of Speck + Microban.

Want extra protection for your device? Shop our cases with Microban now!

*Does not include all Speck products. Review product description carefully.



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