IMPACTHERO™. The Hero Your Tech Deserves.

IMPACTHERO™. The Hero Your Tech Deserves.

There’s a New Hero for Android Users

Calling all Android users! There’s a new hero ready to protect your tech. Meet IMPACTHERO™, an innovative new case for Android with the ability to survive an eight-foot fall. Inspired by Speck’s mission to create the cases users want, IMPACTHERO™ finally presents a quality solution for Android phone protection. Our smartphones play heroic roles in our lives – keeping us organized, acting as a life-line to the world – that’s why it deserves hero-level protection.

Slim and durable, you can say goodbye to the gut-sinking feeling you get when your device slips out of your hand; IMPACTHERO™ is ready to save the day. Available in a variety of fresh colors to complement whatever cape you wear.

IMPACTHERO’s Super Powers

Great Protection Against Drops + Bacteria Growth

Your device needs super protection, so IMPACTHERO™ is made with a patented dual-layer construction that allows it to survive an eight-foot fall. The soft-touch outer surface is slim, pocket-friendly, and features Microban® antimicrobial product protection against stain and odor-causing bacteria. Microban® reduces bacteria growth on the surface of the case by 99%, saving the day when it comes to what you come into contact with.

Slim Enough for Easy Wireless Charging

This line of scratch-resistant cases also enables uninterrupted wireless charging. Which means you don’t have to worry about removing the case to get a full charge. The slim style feels like a natural fit in hand, making it ideal to use while taking videos or spending time cleaning out your inbox.

A Raised Bezel to Protect Your Screen

These super cases don’t stop there. Like Speck’s other ultra-protective cases, IMPACTHERO™ features a raised bevel that protects your screen when your device is placed face down. Which means when you drop and bump it, we’ve got you covered.

A More Affordable Price Point

We ensured IMPACTHERO™ was affordable without compromising on protection. Now available for Samsung Galaxy A53, A13, and more, all you need to decide now is which style suits you best.

The Best Case for Samsung Galaxy A Series

The latest innovation from our team, we know IMPACTHERO™ is going to change the game for Android users, giving them technology and style in one fell swoop for the Galaxy A series. With 8-foot drop protection, a slim design, soft-touch finish and Microban® antimicrobial product protection, are you ready to meet your new hero? IMPACTHERO™ is ready and waiting for your signal.



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