If you haven’t heard of our DuraFolio, this is why you need to.

"If you haven’t heard of our DuraFolio, this is why you need to."

Out latest in military-grade protection has not gone unnoticed by gadget fans on the web. Check out what people are saying, and see why you should be adding our perfectly premium DuraFolio for iPad Air & iPad mini to your shopping cart today.

  • “Closing the much-needed gap between protection and style, the new Speck DuraFolio case collection… is a winner,” say the reviewers at Trend Hunter, perfect for people who want to “make sure your tech goodies are safe and looking sharp.”
  • TUAW noticed that “iPad folios and cases seem to always pick two of the three off of the feature menu of slim, tough, or adjustable,” but “case pioneer Speck… managed to check all three boxes with the new products.” They also call out the mere .3″ added depth to your iPad, MIL-STD-810G drop protection, temperature, abrasion, and chemical resistance tests. We hear them when they close with “…it’s apparent that Speck got that design detail right.”
  • And Savvy Every Day writes, it’s kid-friendly, too! “I feel confident having my daughter hold it… since she’s older and able to grip onto this one fine.” Plus, Shari says one of her favorite things about DuraFolio is that “it does what I need it to do… The DuraFolio stays in position unless you physically knock it over.”
  • “Speck says it took them 24 months to develop the DuraFolio and it shows,” say editors at Run Around Tech. Adding advice for their readers: “If you’re hard on your devices but don’t want to ugly up your iPad with a brick type case, the DuraFolio is a stylish way to protect your device without sacrificing the look.”
  • Test Freaks say that a new DuraFolio user will “immediately notice” the good construction of the case, accompanied with a “bulletproof feel.” The author adds to the finale: “Overall Speck has designed what I think is one of the best iPad Air folio cases on the market to date.”

Need any more convincing? Check out the video below to see DuraFolio in action. Plus, feel confident in your purchase with our one-year warranty, The Long Live Promise.


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