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Get a grip on perfecting your selfie

Get a grip on perfecting your selfie
We adore selfies (just take a look at our Speck Selfie Pinterest Board full of our fan's glamour shots)- and what better way to show some love than list off our favorite selfie-enhancing smartphone apps.
  • Catch your best angle- whichever it may be, with selfie360. Get 90-degree, 360-degree, or 3D selfies with the tap and swipe of a finger. Feeling fancy? You can adjust the speed of these homemade GIFs for the ultimate selfie experience.
  • Insert yourself into missed moments with Urturn- and start with the most epic celebrity shot of all time!
  • Let your friends see more than just your face. Use Frontback to capture two photos in one- snap a pic of what's going on around you, and include a second image to tell your full story. We'd double tap that.
Get a better hold on your phone when snapping the perfect selfie with CandyShell Grip- available for nearly all of our smartphones, including iPhone 5s/5, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), and more.