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Presidio Samsung Galaxy Note8 cases are available now!

Presidio Samsung Galaxy Note8 cases are available now!
Today Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note8, its latest phone with a stylus. The phone has a 6.3-inch screen with an "Infinity Display" and a 10 nanometer mobile processor for fast, reliable performance. The Note8 is also the first Galaxy device with a dual-lens camera. There's a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens together on the back of the phone.

Presidio Note8 cases

Excited to get your hands on the Note8? Make sure it stays protected with a Presidio case! We've worked close with Samsung to create the best possible Note8 cases. Presidio, Speck’s slim, protective line of cases, is now available for the Note8. Each case provides superior slim protection with IMPACTIUM™, Speck’s dynamic shock-absorbing rubber, and are 20% more durable than previous Presidio cases. Today on Speck's website, you can shop our Presidio CLEAR, Presidio GRIP, Presidio CLEAR + GLITTER, Presidio GRIP + GLITTER, and Presidio SHOW cases for the new phone. Each case provides superior protection against damage from drops. Our Presidio CLEAR and Presidio CLEAR + GLITTER cases are drop tested from 8 feet, while Presidio GRIP and Presidio SHOW are drop-tested from 10 feet. While you wait to get your hands on the Note8, pick up a Note8 case over on speckproducts.com.