Gaby F. + SmartFlex Card

"Gaby F. + SmartFlex Card"

Gaby F. sent us this really great note about how her Speck SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5s/5 case saved her phone:

I just wanted to send corporate a message about how sturdy and durable your iPhone 5 cases are. I had an incident today where my phone fell down 3 stories and by the time I got down to the ground floor I was sure I was going to find my phone in pieces and need to rush to the nearest Apple store. Low and behold my phone was barely damaged and still functioning! Highly impressed by the security my Speck iPhone case provides. Thank you!

Full disclosure: I was on the elliptical on the 3rd floor of the gym, my headphones got caught in the arm bars, and my phone took a trip to the ground floor. I sprinted down to get it and found safely in the purple speck case I’ve had for 2 years now. Long live the machines!


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