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Entertainment To Tune-up Your Case: 1980’s Edition

Entertainment To Tune-up Your Case: 1980’s Edition

There’s no question how important our tech devices have become in the last few years. They’re not just for calling, texting, or searching the internet anymore. They’ve become a never-ending source of education, a way for us to make a memory last a lifetime, and most importantly, an outlet for us to escape into the world of music and entertainment.

That’s why we want to make sure you have the best tv shows to binge, top movies to watch, and the coolest songs to listen to for those times when you need to take a minute and tune-out.

If you’re a product of the 1980’s or just a fan of the time period then this month is for you.

We’ve put together our favorite classics from the decade of neon and synth and matched them to some of our favorite cases.

Have a minute (or two hours) this weekend? Tune-out to some classic 80’s entertainment.



If you’re liking the Presidio CLEAR NEON series, you’re obviously into flash, style, and show stopping power, just like the music and entertainment choices. Day or night, live life in neon, and never stop taking it to the max, just like our friends from Saved By The Bell.

Binge-worthy TV show: Saved By The Bell

Must-listen song: Madonna, “Into The Groove”

Must-watch movie: Pretty In Pink


If you find yourself drawn to PRESIDIO GRIP, you’re obviously into power and versatility, just like the entertainment and music choices. So, no matter the decade you’re in, get drop tested protection, better grip, and don’t ever find yourself in big trouble over little drops.

Binge-worthy TV show: MacGyver

Must-listen song: Talking Heads, “Once In A Lifetime”

Must-watch movie: Big Trouble In Little China


Loving the look of PRESIDIO INKED? You’re the perfect mix of style and strength, just like the music and entertainment choices. Feel confident knowing your phone is safe from drops and dings, and as far as wondering if your phone looks great, you can cut-it-out.

Binge-worthy TV show: Full House

Must-listen song: Tom Tom Club, Genius of Love

Must-watch movie: The Princess Bride


If you find yourself drawn to PRESIDIO SPORT, you’re obviously into living the high-octane lifestyle, much like the music and entertainment choices. Because you like to always keep your adrenaline running at full speed, you’ll need something that can turn big drops into no big deals.

Binge-worthy TV show: The A-Team

Must-listen song: New Order, “Blue Monday”

Must-watch movie: Blade Runner


Like transparency? If so, PRESIDIO STAY CLEAR is the case for you. There’s something about total clarity in life that’s absolutely refreshing, and the same goes for our clear cases. Just know that you’re protected against drops up to 8-feet, protected against discoloration, and you get a lifetime warranty against scratches. Who’s the boss? You are.

Binge-worthy TV show: Who’s The Boss

Must-listen song: The Cure, “Just Like Heaven”

Must-watch movie: Trading Places


Finding yourself drawn to PRESIDIO METALLIC? You’re without a doubt a smooth operator, must like the music and entertainment choices. Sometimes in life, you have to mess with the bull, but be prepared with PRESIDIO METALLIC when you get the horns.

Binge-worthy TV show: Family Ties

Must-Listen song: Sade, “Smooth Operator”

Must-watch movie: The Breakfast Club


Strength and stability can still be sexy, that’s why we have PRESIDIO GRIP + GLITTER. If you’re liking these entertainment choices, then you’re always looking for new ways in life to push it and say anything, just like our glitter line. Got glitter running through your veins? This one’s for you.

Binge-worthy TV show: Family Matters

Must-listen song: Salt-N-Peppa, “Push It”

Must-watch movie: Say Anything


If you’re liking PRESIDIO WALLET, you’re definitely living a life where you don’t need to stay in one single lane. You’re a trendsetter, a part of these new wonder years of accessory innovation. So, be confident knowing your phone, credit cards, and cash will stay secure no matter how much you shake your rump or head back to the future.

Binge-worthy TV show: The Wonder Years

Must-listen song: Beastie Boys, “Shake Your Rump”

Must-watch movie: Back To The Future

Enjoy the Entertainment

We had a ton of fun putting this list together. If you have any favorites from the 80’s that we left off this list, we’d love to hear about them. Give us a shout on our social channels, we look forward to hearing your picks.