Community and Collaboration, Making a Difference

Community and Collaboration, Making a Difference

Our customers are an integral part of our creative process. Collaborating and working together is our greatest strength, which is why we engage with our community about designs, concepts and mood boards to find the next great idea. Through artist collaborations, influencer partnerships, and online polls, we’re proving that great minds that come together can achieve great things. Building community is multi-faceted, and adding strength to people’s lives in meaningful ways is part of that, which is why we’ve also partnered with the Crisis Text Line. We’re committed not only to bringing you great products, but an experience that puts our community at the center.

Collab Lab

Inspired by you, designed by us, the Collab Lab is where community magic happens. We recognize that we are better together, which is why we created the Collab Lab, where we connect with our audience in real time to learn more about what’s inspiring and exciting. The Collab Lab features limited-edition cases with designs from our team and community of artists based on trends and themes that you love. Bringing you cases you’ve never seen before and will never see again, our exclusive collections are brought to life through online voting, artist contributions, and creative collaborations with influencers. Here’s a breakdown of how it all happens:

Engaging with our Community

How does the Collab Lab work? One of the ways we engage with our audience is through online voting and polls, where concepts, themes or images battle head-to-head as our community votes on their favorites. The winner takes all and becomes the next great case. At times, it’s a legendary battle of nostalgic snacks, other times it’s ethereal crystal hues vying for your affection. The winners went on to become our Presidio Edition Sprinkled Donut case and our Crystal Clouds case, iconic designs that embodied the excitement of our community. Through this program, we’ve seen how interacting with our audience has invited exciting opportunities and collaborations, so keep an eye out for more opportunities to get involved. We love to gain insight and inspiration from our community!

Collaborating with Influencers and Artists

As part of The Collab Lab, we partner with independent artists to bring you cases that hit on key trends and conversation points. Working with creatives from smaller communities, the artist collaboration series highlights the stories and talent of exceptional artists who create one-of-a-kind case designs. We’ve worked with artists such as D’Ara Nararyan to bring you the Blue Bouquet Case, and with Wylie West Creative, “Boo” Simms, for the Sage Serpent Case. We also partner with influencers to bring together diverse communities. Most recently, we worked with lifestyle influencer duo Alex and Mike, who created decor-based mood boards that you voted on. The winning concept became Bold Bauhaus, a case with minimal, Mid-Century modern vibes coming this December, so keep an eye out! With more influencer collaborations coming soon, we’re excited to see what happens when different audiences and influencers merge to create great things.

Meaningful Partnerships That Make a Difference

Meaningful partnerships are an essential facet of how we connect with our community. We know that great technology and protection is one part of enhancing daily moments, but taking care of your health and connecting to important resources is another. It’s for this reason we joined up with Crisis Text Line to create The Sticker Project. Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7, high-quality text-based mental health support and crisis intervention by empowering a community of volunteer Crisis Counselors to support people in their moments of need.

Together, We Can Make an Impact

Community is an important part of what makes any company great, and ours is no exception.

Together, we can innovate and create technology and designs that stand the test of time, and help others show off their personal style with great tech. Whether it’s through artist collaborations, online voting or impactful partnerships, we are proud to say that together, we’re creating a community that captures the heart of everything we do.



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