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This Is Your CES Survival Kit

This Is Your CES Survival Kit
With three days (almost) down and just one more to go- your feet, stomach, and mind could use a serious #CES2015 Survival Kit. We've been dashing around the showroom floor just like you, racking up more steps on our fitness trackers than ever before. But that doesn't mean that we can take a break. See how #TeamSpeck handles the final rallying hours of the Consumer Electronics Show:
  1. (1) Water. Easy enough said, harder to abide by. Really- you don't realize how dehydrated you may be from busying around all day, but it's important to always keep a water bottle nearby for when your thirst catches up with you.
  2. (2) Snacks. Not just junk; you need energy-packed brain food to get through this last day and a half. Grab a multi-grain bar whenever and wherever you can, because that sandwich you never got around to eating yesterday probably didn't survive the night (and you don't want to gamble on that one).
  3. (3) Comfortable shoes. If this is your first year at CES, you may have bought a couple of nice flats or loafers to mix and match with your daily outfits. If you're coming back even just for a second year- you'll know the first rule at CES is stick to your favorite pair of tennies. Otherwise, we're sure they sell Dr. Scholl's somewhere in Vegas.
  4. (4) On-hand pharmacies. Did somebody say Airborne? Really, any way to chalk up with Vitamin C will do. With over 150,000 attendees this year alone, there are plenty of germs floating around to make us think twice about packing an extra set of tissues with us.
  5. (5) Excedrin. We'll take your Tylenol, Advil, or over-the-counter ibuprofen if you've got it, too. After hours on end standing, walking, and carrying equipment, our backs could use a break.
  6. (6) Coffee! Okay, we've given you enough of a health trip for this afternoon- now, make your way to the nearest espresso machine and triple-up because ladies and gentlemen, you've still got one full day left!
Good luck out there, and stay tuned for our final wrap-up of #CES2015!