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Apple Pay + CandyShell Card = Perfect reason to ditch your wallet

Apple Pay + CandyShell Card = Perfect reason to ditch your wallet
Weeks after Apple Pay was officially launched, the newest mobile wallet technology has been gaining a lot of attention over its successes and setbacks. If you've got a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you're probably already using the new iOS 8 feature to pay at your favorite stores like Panera Bread, Nike, Chevron and so many more (check out Apple's complete list). If not, here are a couple reasons why you should be:
  1. Since its launch, Apple Pay has accounted for nearly 1% of all transactions at Whole Foods. TUAW says that in just three short weeks there have been around 150,000 at the the grocery outlet, a number they call "not too shabby."
  2. The update allows people to keep better track of their banking accounts, and can even help prevent fraudulent credit card activity, like this story from CNET.
  3. Plus- 9 to 5 Mac reported that you can now actually pay for parking and rent using Apple Pay.
Even though the new features of Apple Pay easily add to "The Death of the Wallet," you'll still need an easy way to carry around your I.D., train or bus cards, and of course, a couple of folded bills for your favorite cash-only corner store. Your solution? CandyShell Card for iPhone 6, the perfect complement to everything you love about Apple Pay. Shop today!