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Amazon on Fire

Amazon on Fire
Before Wednesday, some people may have said that Amazon has changed the way we shop online. But since yesterday's announcement and the slew of press that followed it, there's no question that Amazon has done anything less than revolutionize online shopping with the announcement of its Fire Phone.
  • Visual. Fire uses Dynamic Perspective technology to read your eye movements and adjust its screen accordingly. Its 3D interface gives you the depth and perspective of real life, with a pixel display PC Mag says is comparable with the iPhone 5s.
  • Intuitive. Features like auto-scroll make one-handed navigation a cinch, where the phone tracks a user's motion to scroll by tilting, rather than touch, says TIME.
  • Exact. Above all other features, Amazon may be proudest of Firefly- the ultimate search engine that recognizes images, text, and audio and will reveal Amazon web results for whatever your search item may be. CNN said it best: Just as with its other products... "the Fire Phone is designed to pull you into Amazon's growing universe of products and services."
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