A tumble at the amusement park was no match for CandyShell

"A tumble at the amusement park was no match for CandyShell"

Speck fan Michael Stokes spent the day at California’s Great America, an amusement park not far from Speck headquarters. He sent us a story and pictures of how his CandyShell case saved his iPhone 6 after a plummet from a ride that sends you upside down.

Image for Great America amusement park ride

H.M.B Endeavor

“I dropped my iPhone 6 clad in your black CandyShell case at Great America over the weekend from the H.M.B Endeavor ride (above). It landed in the concrete box at the bottom of the ride when it was stopped at the top-most position, upside down.”

“I got the phone back the next day after they went under the ride to locate it in the concrete support box. After a quick reset, my phone is fully functioning. There’s only a small line on the screen cover and the sides of case popped out. Great product!”

Check out the photos of his phone above and below. The CandyShell case is worse for wear, but his iPhone is still kicking.

Image for CandyShell case broken after fall


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