A little “Aloha” from a thankful Speck fan

"A little “Aloha” from a thankful Speck fan"

Laurie Lee of Oahu, Hawaii sent along a Speck testimonial featuring her daughter’s CandyShell Pebble/Raspberry for iPhone 5. See how her Speck case saved the day on their morning commute:

This morning was especially hectic as my daughter had additional sports and school gear to load into our car… I put the items on the roof of my car, loaded in my work bags and then her belongings. We drove off for our 30 minute/14 mile commute into town, traffic flowing, and we made the bus pick up with 5 minutes to spare. I continued my commute to work for another 15 minutes on the H-1 freeway. Shortly after settling into my office, my daughter texted me on whether I had her phone… I checked my bags for her phone, to no avail, then thought to check the back seat of the car. When I got to my parking stall, I was stunned by this sight (photo below).
The photo is testament to the great grip-ability of the Candyshell phone case… Prius might say it’s testament to the smooth ride of its machine, but you decide…



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