7 Must-Haves for Back to School

7 Must-Haves for Back to School
Back to school season is here and it's time to stock up on school supplies. Of course you'll need pens, paper, and binders, but don't forget to grab some gear that will protect your tech and make your school year awesome. Heading to school or college this fall? You'll want all of this.

1. A fresh smartphone case

iPhoneSE_Family_withPhone Whether you're picking up a new Note7 or have an iPhone that needs some love, a new CandyShell case will keep it safe and stylish all year long and beyond.

2. Not-boring notebooks

BTS Notebooks Take notes is less dull when you actually like your notebooks. We like the Mead® Metallic Dipped Notebook from Target and Blue Mountain 3 pack of notebooks from Word. Notebooks.

3. A sophisticated lunchbox

lunchbag Upgrade your brown bag to one that's reusable and keeps your lunch cold. Grab this Luckies of London Brown Paper Lunch Bag from Amazon.

4. A Macbook case that sets your computer apart from all the others

SPK-A2976_mba-13_st Our SeeThru Macbook case protects with plenty of style.

5. A lock to keep your laptop safe

lock Better safe than sorry, especially when you're just trying to study in the library. Try the Sendt Laptop Lock from Amazon.

6. The perfect backpack for all of your gear

BackToSchool2016V2 Kargo, Deck, and Stingray are perfect for school supplies and all of your tech gear.

7. An innovative laptop sleeve for extra protection

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 sleeve Flaptop for Macbook and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 uses an innovative closure without zippers or magnets to keep your laptop safe.



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