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The best products for seamless work, study, and play, featuring our feature-packed Presidio Pro Folio. All with our 30-day WFA guarantee.

PRESIDIO® PRO FOLIO: Protection Redefined

Our tablets do more than ever before, so your case should protect the tech you rely on with more durability, versatility, and style. Presidio® Pro Folio provides 6 feet of drop protection when life gets rough, plus has built-in antimicrobial product protection from Microban® to reduce bacteria growth by 99% when life gets messy. No matter where you are, Presidio® Pro Folio complements your set-up and helps the workday flow.

Viewing For All Of Life’s Angles

Versatility is key. Which is why Presidio® Pro Folio’s cover converts into a convenient viewing stand for typing and on-the-go entertainment at any angle. The cover also includes magnets to preserve battery life, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing a moment.

The Work from Home Parent:

For the working parent who juggles the work-life balance, and needs to get things done on the go. Before, that tablet was used to going from the boardroom to after-work events, but these days, it’s spending a lot of time as your cooking assistant in the kitchen, your video mediator for family chats, and as your personal trainer as you tune into your workout channel.

The Creative Influencer:

For working creatives who use their tablet to inspire creativity, design great content, and study from the studio, local cafe, library and everywhere in between. Wherever inspiration hits, that desktop can’t always get the job done, so make sure when you grab your iPad, it’s ready for anything. Presidio® Pro Folio is your creative partner in crime when the world is your oyster.

The Prudent Student:

For the savvy student who needs to keep their grades up anywhere they are, accessing the latest homework assignments and online lessons is a big reason why that iPad is a great everywhere school tool. With a cover that converts into a hands-free viewing stand, taking notes during classes is easier than ever. Whether they’re in the car, at the library, or at the dinner table, Presidio® Pro Folio makes learning more fun.

Our WFA Collection includes cases for your tablet, laptop and AirPods in a variety of options and styles you’ll love. We’re confident you’ll find the right fit for your set-up, which is why we’re offering a 30-day WFA trial.

Explore WFA Collection

Tablet Cases

For any tablet you’re using in your routines and on the go, we have a case that meets your requirements for durability, style, and protection. Looking for a case that offers unique colors and fade-resistant prints? Balance Folio® is the perfect solution for a busy life, with superior screen protection and compatibility with your Apple Pencil.

MacBook Cases

Tote your MacBook wherever you need it knowing it’s protected from bumps, from the couch to the cafe. We have a wide selection of cases that offer durability and style, while ensuring your laptop stays protected. Explore everything from our ultimate slim and sleek hardshell SmartShell to SeeThru for MacBook Pro to Presidio® Clear. These featured MacBook cases are sure to make life easier.

AirPods Pro Cases

Your AirPods keep you connected to the world, so keep them protected with a case that is designed to secure them with style. Our WFA Collection features our iconic Presidio® AirPods Pro, Presidio® Perfect-Clear, and Presidio® Perfect-Clear with Glitter cases. With a secure carabiner and Microban® antimicrobial product protection, we’re certain you’ll love how these fit into your routine.

ShieldView Glass

If you can’t see clearly, you can’t work effectively. ShieldView Glass is our ultra-thin 0.33 mm tempered glass with a 9H scratch-resistance coating to resist fingerprints and dirt, so you can keep your screen looking flawless for every view, no matter what you’re watching, studying, or working on.

Storing your MacBook in a sleeve or using it without a case?

With a hardshell case, experience a slim, sleek case that doesn’t interfere with use, plus keeps it protected from scratches and dents everywhere you go. Never worry about leaving your laptop unprotected for a moment.

Misplace your AirPods in busy bags?

Our AirPods case is the perfect fit for life on the go. With a convenient carabiner, you can attach them to your bag, keychain or lanyard so you always know where they are when you need them. Plus, our durable and stylish cases keep your AirPods protected when dropped or in a bag.

Find your perfect setup for all of your devices. Our Work From Anywhere (WFA) collection, featuring the best cases for a life that demands more. Cover your tech essentials with products that allow for more productive work, study, and life moments.

Our WFA Guarantee

Finding the perfect set up takes time, and we want you to be 100% happy with your case. To make things easier, we’re offering a 30-day WFA trial guarantee. We love these cases and know you will, too. If not, get your full money back. No problems. No questions. Because we’re committed to helping you find a case for a life, better lived.