Submitting your ideas to Speck

Although we are always grateful to hear from our customers about their experience with Speck products, Speck does not accept unsolicited ideas regarding our products or business. While we realize that there are a lot of really great ideas out there, for legal purposes we have this policy to avoid potential misunderstandings and to draw a clear line between Speck as a product innovator and others that might seek to claim rights in Speck products. So, we ask that you please refrain from submitting any unsolicited ideas, proposals, or other works to Speck or its employees. If, however, you still choose to do so, please be aware that the following terms will apply to your submission:

Terms of Idea Submission:

You agree that any submission by you to Speck automatically becomes the property of Speck and that Speck may use or redistribute it for any purpose and in any way, all without any compensation or attribution to you. You agree that Speck does not have any obligation of any kind to you on account of your submission, including any obligation to keep any submission confidential. You forever surrender, waive, and release all rights (intellectual property or other) in the submission to Speck.

Product Feedback:

If you would like to provide specific feedback on Speck products or marketing or on the case market generally, please direct your comments to Any feedback that you provide at this site shall also be treated in accordance with the policy above and Speck shall be free to use any additional information that you provide on an unrestricted and non-confidential basis.