Speck Launches Five Major Innovations to Improve Usability of Apple iPhone, iPad, and AirTag

ClickLock No-Slip Interlock, ClickLock phone grip stand, ClickLock Wallet, StandyShell iPad case with button release stand, Gemtones true wireless earbuds, and Tagimals - AirTag holders for Kids shoes with cute animal faces on them

San Mateo, California, August 22, 2023 – Today, Speck announced five new lines of mobile accessories that improve user experiences for owners of Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, and AirTag®. Speck designers pursued a company-wide initiative of technology innovation aimed at solving significant usability issues not previously addressed in the market. Innovations being announced include:

  • CLICKLOCK NO-SLIP INTERLOCK — Speck invented a patent pending ClickLock No-Slip Interlock for its Presidio® iPhone cases and new Car Vent Mount that form a mechanical and magnetic bond to prevent accidental separation. Gone are the days when a speed bump or pothole will cause an iPhone to tumble to the floor while driving.
  • CLICKLOCK ACCESSORIES — Speck designed two other ClickLock MagSafe® accessories using this technology: The ClickLock Wallet which puts an end to piggyback card holders falling off while being inserted or removed from a pocket. And, the StandyGrip ClickLock accessory which combines a 360° adjustable finger grip with a portrait/landscape media viewer kickstand.
  • STANDYSHELL CASE FOR IPAD — Speck invented a patent pending StandyShell case to fit the 10th Generation iPad, Apple’s first tablet designed to be used primarily in landscape orientation. A press of one button deploys a kickstand that converts the iPad usage from handheld (portrait) to handsfree (landscape) and back again, greatly improving its usability.
  • GEMTONES TRUE WIRELESS BLUETOOTH EARBUDS — Speck took a different approach when developing these new true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, where the design of the charging case helps prevent earbud loss before it happens. Three Gemtones models pack-in highly desirable features with a customizable app making them the high quality, high performance earbuds anyone can afford.
  • TAGIMALS SHOE CARRIERS FOR AIRTAG — Speck designers created a series of engaging characters—voted on by young children—as the faces of four AirTag carriers that attach to kids shoes, pet collars, or other kids items. These carriers conceal AirTags in a fun way and help keep track of kids, pets, or kids stuff without expensive hardware or monthly fees.

“Looking at the mobile accessory category as a whole these past few years, we saw an opportunity to lead in technology innovation,” said Jeff Eisses, Chief Revenue Officer of Speck Products, “Speck started investing in developing new core technologies during the pandemic so we could bring multiple lines to market now and drive excitement back into stores.”


Products mentioned are now, or will soon be, available at major retail locations, and on the website (links below) and Amazon as follows. All prices are MSRP.

About Speck:

Since 2001, Speck has been inventing award-winning products designed to help people discover the magic in their tech devices. Each Speck accessory is created to make the devices they’re designed for be more fun to use and useful to own. We’re located in Silicon Valley where big ideas are transformed into life-enhancing products and experiences every day. Our community and environment inspire us to “Respect Your Tech” in the products we design, and in everything we do.

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